3 Popular Tires for Commercial Trucks

Given the plethora of weather conditions present in the country, there are various types of tires manufactured in order to be compatible with different types of terrains and conditions. Currently, there is a large amount of competition in the industry with all the top brands offering a plethora of choices for truck tires. This industry is ruled by popular companies that have given much thought to the quality of their truck tires while keeping the price affordable. Following are some of the popular truck tire brands that perform excellently in the conditions they are meant for while providing extra benefits like cost-effectiveness, fuel efficiency, and tread wear.

Michelin tires are well-known to offer a good traction, low-rolling resistance, fuel economy, smooth handling, and a long tread life. It dominates the commercial truck tire industry with its lowest tread wear, which leads to long-lasting tires. These tires are a little pricey as compared to their competition, but they give their worth in terms of good performance and a long life. Some of the top tires for trucks by Michelin are Michelin X Line Energy Z, Michelin X Line Energy D, and Michelin X Line Energy T.

Bridgestone is one of the strongest competitors of Michelin. The company has long been known for its top-quality reliable tires that rate highly on the customer satisfaction scale. Industry experts believe that you may never be wrong when buying a Bridgestone tire because they are some of the best tires in the industry at the moment, made with top-class tire technology. They offer stability, performance, and fuel mileage in all their tires. The top commercial models from Bridgestone are Bridgestone R283A Ecopia, M726 ELA, and R197.

Continental has offered some of the best commercial truck tires for decades now. This brand manufactures tires that are good for all kinds of roads including gravel pathways. Continental tires may go up to 130k miles without a change and provide for some world-class comfort in all climatic conditions and all types of roads. This company’s tires offer high stability and superior traction to the commercial vehicles. The brand is also known for making tires that have an even tread wear. The top commercial models that have made Continental a hit are HS3 Eco Plus/Hybrid, HDL2, and HT3 EcoPlus.

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