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5 amazing healthy fruit baskets

The body’s good health depends on a number of things like the food we eat, the kind of exercise we do and the quality of lifestyle we lead.

Food is one of the most important things that we need to take care of, in order to get a healthy mind and body. The kind of food that we eat and the meal times that we follow will also have a bearing on how our body performs and the kind of fitness level that we enjoy, especially when it comes to our overall weight and metabolism. Eating the right kind of meals at the right time will help us in getting to our fitness goal and an enviable body to flaunt. For this, it is imperative to eat all kinds of food groups including fruit, vegetables, dairy, protein and many other kinds. To fit fruit into our diet for weight loss and low-fat cooking, we can actually turn to attractive options like fruit baskets that bring in a host of ingredients from the world of fiber-rich fruits. Take a look at these various kinds of fruit that you can use in your fruit basket.

This juicy fruit is one of the best summer staples that you can add to your fruit basket. Scoop the watermelon flesh out with rounded scoops and add to tall skewers which you can put into your fruit basket. You can grab a skewer and get plenty of hydration as well as good taste.

You can add apples to your fruit basket as they contain many nutrients that can promise good health and help you lose weight, as apples boost one’s metabolism amazingly. You can have at least two apples in your daily fruit basket so that the necessary dietary fibers from the apples go into your system so that your toxins are cleared off. You can also include green apples, which are extremely nourishing for the skin.

Bananas are known to be high in potassium, which makes them a solid snack that you can have at any time of the day. You can add these to your fruit basket so that you have a heavy and healthy fruit which will add lots of energy to your body as well.

This citrus fruit is rich in calcium and various vitamins. Oranges can improve your immunity, even as it supports the cause of weight loss. You would do well to add at least four or five arranged to your fruit basket so that you have a juicy snack available at all times. You can also season the pieces with black salt for the tangy taste to be heightened.

This seasonal fruit is also rich in many nutrients like folic acid and vitamin C and minerals. Kiwis are also filled with anti-oxidants and help reduce heart problems and diabetes. It is also a light snack that can be had at any time. Add this to your fruit basket with other dry fruit like raisins and almonds.

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