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5 spectacular Las Vegas shows you must know about

Planning a trip to Las Vegas, then you definitely mustn’t miss the breathtaking Las Vegas shows. They are simply spectacular, extravagant and worth your time. If this is your first trip to the Sin City, and you are confused about which show you need to watch, then don’t worry! To help you out, here’s a list of the 5 most popular shows that are performed in Vegas.

Organized in a carnival tent outside the iconic Caesars Place, Absinthe is hosted by “The Gazillionaire” a slick haired, eccentric character of the show. The show is not just about outrageous humor but also delivers one of the most unbelievable aerial acts and hypnotic Burlesque performances. If you enjoy daredevil stunts and raunchy comedy then you must get tickets for Absinthe.

O by Cirque de Soleil
Known as one of the most classic shows, O by Cirque de Soleil is arranged at the Bellagio. Performed on a 1.5 million-gallon pool, this aquatic show is no less than a surreal dream. This vibrant show comprises a beautiful blend of acrobatics, martial arts, and trapeze. If you have always been charmed by the combination magic and aesthetics, then you must undoubtedly get tickets for this Las Vegas spectacle.

Penn & Teller
Love some illusion? Then you must get Las Vegas show tickets for a Penn & Teller performance. These masters of deception flawlessly trick you to witness unexpected things. The duo also gives an opportunity to various professional illusionists and reveal how some of their tricks are executed. Like Absinthe, you can catch Penn and Teller at the Caesars Palace.

Piece of Me by Britney Spears
Expecting a show loaded with star power then buy Las Vegas show tickets for Britney Spear’s Piece of Me. Spears performs some of her unforgettable tunes along with some stunning choreography. Organized in Planet Hollywood’s The Axis, Spear’s show will definitely take back you in the early 2000s.

Jersey Boys
In a mood for some serious and musical kind of storytelling, then get tickets for Jersey Boys which narrates the tale of Frankie Valli and the band Four Seasons. The musical projects their times of success, downfalls and the eventual fallout. Jersey Boys is performed by impeccable vocal artists, so you are unquestionably in for a sweet melodic treat.

You can peruse through various online websites which offer Las Vegas show tickets with great prices and deals. Although Las Vegas show tickets aren’t hard to find, ensure that you book them in advance so that you don’t miss this remarkable experience.

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