5 Types of Universal Studios Tickets That You Can Buy

Universal Studios is one of the best places to visit in Southern California. It is a movie and TV studio, and you can visit the sets through a guided tour. The theme park at Universal Studios is the most exciting one in the country, and it offers many rides based are on the shows and movies produced by Universal Pictures.

Universal Studios lets you buy different types of tickets based on what you want to do in the theme park and how many days you want to spend there. Following are the varied types of Universal Studios tickets that you can purchase for yourself and your family.

  • 1-day General Admission
    A 1-day General Admission ticket will cost you between $109 to $129 approximately. This pass is valid for just one day, and you can use it only at the Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable, and only the person with their name on this ticket can use it.
  • Universal Express
    This ticket for Universal Studios costs between $179 and $269 approximately. It includes one-time access to every ride in the park, seated shows, and other attractions. This ticket is also valid for only one day and only one person. It gives you Express Access, which means that you will get to use shorter lines for all the rides and attractions.
  • VIP Experience
    The VIP Experience tickets start at around $349. This ticket gives you unlimited access to shows and rides. However, it does not apply to retail and food options. With this ticket, you also receive a guided tour, a continental breakfast, a gourmet lunch, as well as valet parking.
  • 2-Day General Admission
    This Universal Studio ticket allows you to visit the park in two installments. You are free to select the first date of visit. However, the second visit has to occur within seven days of that first visit. The ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable, and only the person with his or her name on this ticket can use it. This ticket does not cover the cost of parking fees.
  • Annual Passes
    Universal Studios offers three different types of annual passes, which are Platinum, Gold, and Silver. With the Platinum pass, you can visit Universal Studios anytime in the next 12 months. People with Gold and Silver passes can visit on most days except on the blackout days. Blackout days are days when their passes and deals are not valid.
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