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6 features of the versatile Copper Chef Casserole Pan

Have you ever wondered about having just one cookware that is ideal for all kinds of recipes? And wouldn’t that be just perfect! Your kitchen would be cleaner and your cabinet will be less cluttered. But what if you could actually have one single multipurpose cookware for all the occasions. That’s right, Copper Chef’s Casserole Pan serves as an amazing replacement for the myriad of utensils you have just bought for cooking a specific kind of dish.

The 11 Copper Chef Casserole Pan is amongst the most popular As Seen On TV products. It is sold along other complementary products, such as, tempered glass lid, fry basket, steam and roast rack, and a recipe book. If you are wondering why you should buy the Copper Chef Casserole Pan, then the following are some features which help you make an informed decision.

The Casserole Pan has been designed by using 5 layers, i.e., double top layer, base layer, aluminum core, outside layer, and induction layer. The amalgamation of these layers facilitate amazing heat conductivity as well as protection for the pan from wear and tear.
The Casserole Pan has two strong riveted handles that are oven safe.
The induction plate on the surface of the Casserole Pan id not just meant for an induction cooktop but is also ideal for electric, ceramic, or gas stove.
The Cerami-Tech nonstick technology enables you to cook with variety of ingredients including the greasy oils and butter. The pan is also free of any harmful chemical coatings.
This pan by Copper Chef is heat-resistant up to temperatures of 850 degrees.
When it comes to versatility, Copper Chef Casserole Pan can be used for baking, sauteing, slow cooking, chafing, deep frying, steaming, roasting, stir frying, etc. Right from pastas to rice, from chicken legs to slow cooked beef, almost any kind of dish is possible. You can also use it as a rice cooker or as a stock pot.

Apart from the Casserole Pan, Copper Chef also have a great Induction Cooktop. If you are looking for a comprehensive cooking set then you can buy a Copper Chef cooking package that includes 6, 7, and 16 pieces respectively. Depending on the set you choose, you can get additional cookware items like deep square pan, grocery coupons, utensil set, cookbooks, and an extra set of lid, fry basket, and steamer rack. These sets usually range from $400 to $680. You also have an option of installment payments.

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