• Increasing importance of small laptops

    Several people are searching for 12, 11 or 10 inch laptops these days. The trend of using bigger laptops is coming down faster and more and more compact devices are being introduced into the market to meet the inclination of the people towards small versions.

    What is a small laptop?

    What do small laptops mean? They refer to a netbook or small laptop that is smaller in size compared to the size of a traditional laptop. These small versions are more compact and the users can handle with relative ease and comfort. Everybody needs a laptop nowadays because of the fast digitizing of the world and the internet revolution has made everything online. In such a situation, you need to use the best laptop that offer maximum functionally and these devices must be light enough to carry as well. Small laptops are the perfect solution and most people are buying them with great enthusiasm.

    Learn about some important specifications: Since there are plenty of options available in the market, choosing 11 or 10 inch laptops can be a difficult task. So how can you pick the right one for you? You have to be mindful about some important specifications while buying the ideal small laptop. For researching these specifications, you must look at reviews of various machines before making a purchase decision. When you go through a review, you can pick up some vital details which can help you make the right decisions.

    Analyze the processor: You need to look out for the Intel Atom Processor 1.6GHZ and majority of the 11 or 10 inch laptops have this standard. These processors are uniquely designed for netbooks and they easily go well with Windows XP.

    Evaluate the hard drive: When it comes to hard drive, more is better. It is always advisable search for Solid State Drives that have more than 15GB of space and some of the latest versions are equipped with 80GB. These types of features allow you to easily install programs.

    Consider the operating system: Majority of the netbooks and small laptops available on the market offer you the option of Windows or Linux as operating systems. There is no doubt about the fact that Windows is the most preferred platform.

    Another important factor you need to consider is the screen size. You must decide whether you want 9, 10, 11 or 12 inch screen size and it is primarily a personal preference. The importance of battery life cannot be undermined and it is always advisable to purchase a laptop that offers maximum battery life without compromising on the speed and performance. Last but not the least; you must consider the price and the best one that goes well with your budget needs to be chosen.

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  • Top stackable washers and dryers at Lowe’s under $1000

    Nobody likes coming home to a pile of dirty laundry waiting to be cleaned, and if you ignore it, it only going to add to the pile. Soon you will be out of good clothes to wear. So, how do you resolve this dilemma? You buy a stackable washer and dryer unit. Stackable washer and dryer units work very well for condos or homes with a limited laundry area. Being a space saver is one of the biggest advantages of these sets.

    Washers and dryers, in addition to helping you in easing up your laundry chores in particular and your household chores in general, have also become a style statement. For those looking for washers and dryers that are not just efficient but are also good looking, there are options in stainless steel designs as well as in others. Lowe’s has a number of these options to choose from when it comes to stackable units.

    If you are looking for stackable washers and dryers under USD 1,000, these are some of the best ones that Lowe’s has to offer.

    Samsung 4.2-cu ft High-Efficiency Stackable Front-Load Washer
    This front loading washer in white is a popular stackable machine as it is one of the most affordable stackable washers and dryers available at Lowe’s. This washer is priced at USD 719 and has a large tub space, owing to the 4.2 cubic feet wash drum it has. The washer is Energy Star certified, so you can rest assured of the power efficiency of this washer. It offers 9 wash cycle options which include delicates, bedding, normal, and quick wash options among the others.

    The washer is one of the few stackable washers and dryers in this price range to offer steam wash cycle. It also offers noise-free operation and has a diamond drum interior that aids in the gentle washing of clothes. A washer is a great option and adding it to the combination of stackable washers and dryers has allowed people to access the self-clean mechanism it has. This helps in keeping the washer clean giving you fresh and odor-free clothes.

    LG 7.4-cu ft Stackable Electric Dryer
    This washer from LG is yet another one among the stackable washers and dryers that are efficient and budget-friendly. The dryer’s 7.4 cubic feet drum can take care of heavy laundry items and large loads helping you finish your laundry chores faster and more easily. The dryer offers five temperature settings and ten drying cycles to ensure that every kind of fabric and laundry drying need is taken care of.

    The stainless steel interior drums make it ones of the best stackable washers and dryers in this range as it is rust resistant. The dryer’s moisture detecting sensors and TrueSteam technology ensure perfectly dried clothes without wrinkles. It also has a FlowSense indicator that signals when there is a need for unclogging the ducts. This dryer is priced at USD 809.

    LG TWINWash Compatible 4.5-cu ft High-Efficiency Stackable Front-Load Washer
    This stackable washer from LG is priced at USD 809 and is Energy Star certified as well. The washer’s TWINWash compatibility allows for a sidekick pedestal (sold separately) to be added so that you can get two laundry loads done at a time.

    The washer has 12 wash cycles and also has a steam cleaning option to get rid of the tough stains but in a gentle manner. This washer is one of the few ‘smart’ stackable washers and dryers that can be controlled from your smartphone. This machine is also ideal for those who are looking for a noise-free and vibration-less machine as it has the TrueBalance Anti-vibration system

    You can buy these models and explore more of them at Lowe’s to find the best deals on stackable washers and dryers and other electronic items. Be sure to do your research prior to selecting a particular model.

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  • Five things to look in for cloud video conferencing

    Cloud-based video conferencing uses minimal hardware required for video-conferencing systems. They can be used by SME’s and even larger international companies. Cloud-based systems can handle both 2D and 3D video broadcasting. They can also be implemented to use VOIP calls and other forms of video calling.

    Here are a few things that you should look into while incorporating cloud-based video conferencing into your management.

    Collaborating features
    Don’t get settled only for video conferencing. Today’s video solutions also include file sharing, whiteboards, chat rooms, and other collaborative features. Look for those collaborative features that is not just pure video conferencing but help you get things done efficiently.

    It may not be always possible to get all the participants in the same room at the same time. It used to be a problem before, but with the advancement in video presence technology, many video conferencing systems are incorporating recording features. Thus, when looking for a cloud based video conferencing system, make sure it has a recording feature so that individuals who could not attend the video conference can watch the recording later.

    When looking for cloud based video conferencing system, look for the ones that simple to set up and use. The cloud-based video conferencing has made video conferencing easier. The result of cloud-based video conferences are simple. They allow the user to access the video conferencing anywhere anytime. You no longer need a swanky boardroom with sophisticated projectors, all you need is a peripheral system such as a mobile or a laptop that has an internet access and you are good to go.

    Calendar support
    Calendars always come in handy if you want to set a common time for your video conferencing. Decide and find a common time of video conferencing and add to the calendar of every participant. This way, sessions can be easily planned and there are less chances of getting the dates and time wrong.

    High quality sound matters
    When it comes to video conferencing, everybody looks for good video quality. They usually overlook the sound quality. Bad audio quality can make or break a video session. Hence, whenever looking for cloud-based video conferencing, make sure it has both top notch audio and video quality.

    There are a number of cloud-based video conferencing solutions available on the Internet. WebRTC is one of the most common videoconferencing protocol that is being used these days by SME’s.

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