A Comparison of Dish Network and DIRECTV Packages

Dish Network and DIRECTV both have a loyal base of customers. Millions of subscribers depend on these companies for their entertainment. Dish Network and DIRECTV are both sources of satellite television. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for both are different. The capacity of DVRs offered by Dish TV is about 2 TB, while DIRECTV’s DVR offers only 1TB of storage space. However, for casual viewers, the main point of difference between these two networks would be their pricing.

The prices for Dish Network range between $59.99 and $89.99 approximately, while the costs for DIRECTV’s packages are somewhere between $35 to $110. Let us look at the plans offered by both of these satellite TV giants in detail.

Affordable packages
To compare the package prices of DIRECTV and Dish Network, let us start with the most affordable bundle. America’s Top 120 on Dish Network costs roughly $59.99 per month and offers 120 channels. The basic package on DIRECTV costs around $35 per month without taxes, and it provides 155 channels to its customers. However, the cost for the thirteenth to the twenty-fourth month varies, and the price could be around $78 per month. Therefore, in the long term, Dish Network is more affordable.

Value for money packages
Apart from the packages mentioned above, there are many other mid-range bundles which most people prefer. For instance, DIRECTV offers the Entertainment package which costs around $40 per month, but the price increases to around $90 per month from the thirteenth month. America’s Top 120+ on Dish Network would cost $69.99 per month approximately. Both of these packages have a variety of channels available.

The other packages available with DIRECTV in this range are Choice, which offers more than 185 channels, and Xtra. These are priced at around $45 per month and $55 per month respectively. On the other hand, for roughly $80 per month, you can get America’s Top 200 package offered by Dish.

Most expensive packages
If you like to have several options available to you, and you can afford such plans, then choose America’s Top 250 package offered by Dish, which costs around $89.99 per month. The Premier package by DIRECTV provides more than 330 channels. It costs around $110 per month plus taxes in the first 12 months. From there onwards, it would cost you $181 per month approximately from the thirteenth to the twenty-fourth month. Additionally, you would have to pay a regional sports fee on that package.

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