AAA Discount for Car Rentals – Coupons That You May Use

AAA stands for American Automobile Association and is a privately held member’s association with almost 58 million members in the USA and Canada. This association provides various services to its members such as discounts on car rentals, roadside assistance, hotel discounts, to name a few. If you are a member of this club, you will get discounts across the US and sometimes outside the country as well. Following are some of the discounts for car rentals that you may avail of:

  • 20% off – AAASAVE
    AAA is offering a 20% discount for all memberships. So, no matter at what level you are in the membership, if you are renting a car, use this code to get a discount.
  • 15% off – WQ318
    If you are planning to become a member of AAA, you may now do that with a 15% off on the membership fee. Use the above-mentioned code and you will get an off on the membership fee in your area.
  • 50% off – PERMITS
    If you are registering your teenager with AAA, you will get a 50% off on their fee if they have a learner’s permit.
  • 50% off – FF18
    If you live in Gloucester, Salem, Camden, and Cumberland, you may get 50% off on basic primary membership and you may also add one associate member for free. The AAA discounts for car rental is applicable in the South Jersey area only.
  • USD 20 off – AAA20
    AAA is offering USD 20 off on purchase of new membership in Carolinas. This coupon is applicable to you if you want to become a member of AAA and enjoy their car rental discounts the next time you rent a car.
  • USD 10 off – 3426
    If you are planning to give someone an AAA membership as a gift, you may now do so with a discount of USD 10. You may also use this to save USD 10 for roadside assistance.
  • USD 59 subscription and associate membership free – SMZ1
    If you are already a member of AAA, you may now get a subscription for just USD 59 along with a free associate membership.
  • USD 17 off – AO115PA
    If you live in Nevada, Utah, or California, use this code to get a USD 17 off as your AAA discount for car rentals.
  • USD 15 off – 9137
    If you add a new associated member to your AAA account, you may now get a discount of USD 15, every time you do so.

Keep these coupons handy to get best offers on AAA car rentals. Also, it is recommended to check the terms and conditions before applying for the coupons.

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