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Advantages of Igloo chest freezers over upright freezers

When you are ready to purchase a deep freezer, there are two important decisions to consider: the brand and the type of freezer. Perhaps after some research, you have decided on the brand but are still undecided if a chest freezer is better for you or an upright one.

Igloo chest freezer and the brand’s upright models are both quality products. But the style of the freezer can offer distinct benefits and you need to assess those benefits in light of your household needs. Here are some advantages of using an Igloo chest freezer instead of the company’s upright models.

Chest freezers are more energy-efficient as you open them from the top. The chest shape allows the cold air to remain trapped inside every time you open the deep freezer. However, upright freezers have doors that open outward and easily allow air to escape. This is a significant reason why most families opt for chest freezers over upright freezers. It is possible to store more food in chest freezers due to their shape. This makes chest freezers more convenient than upright freezers especially for large families. For instance, if you buy an Igloo chest freezer, you can store large cuts of meats easily in it along with other food items like fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Usually, chest freezers are less expensive to buy than upright models. This may vary for different brands though. But overall, you can save money on the purchase of a chest freezer and also keep its operation cost low.


No doubt, chest freezers have some drawbacks when compared with upright freezers. Chest freezers require more space than upright freezers. You usually need a basement or garage space for your chest freezer. In comparison, you can fit an upright freezer in small or narrow spaces. But this space problem can be easily remedied as most houses have some areas that can accommodate at least a medium-sized chest freezer.

It is also a bit cumbersome to store and find items in a chest freezer. In contrast, upright freezers have many shelves for easy storage. But now you can buy food organizers to use in a chest freezer for your ease. And it is easy to remove extra storage baskets if you need to store a large cut of meat or several packets of vegetables.

Defrosting and cleaning a chest freezer can be a bit inconvenient in comparison to upright models. However, freezers that require manual defrosting are less expensive than frost-free models. If convenience of cleaning doesn’t matter to you as much as the initial cost factor of buying a freezer, you can invest in a chest freezer. The advantages of owning and operating a chest freezer far outweigh the small inconveniences of using it.

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