An overview of the Time Warner Cable company

Time Warner Cable, now known as Charter Spectrum, is one of the popular cable television service providers in the country. The brand is ideal for people who are looking for traditional cable service features.

Time Warner Cable has non-contractual plans offering all the basic and premium channels. This is perfect for those who do not want any flashy extra features and just the required channels. Most other cable television providers require the subscribers to sign a contract of a minimum one year for enjoying the services.

The prices per channel may be slightly higher than other brands but Spectrum TV offers real value-for-money customer service. However, the slightly higher cost shouldn’t be a problem for consumers who do not want to be bound by a contract as the non-contractual nature of the plan is what makes the service a bit pricier than other brands.

However, Spectrum is a good choice as its overall package would still be lower than the ones of other contract-based cable service providers. As with contract-based plans, there is no assurance that the price per channel will not change and termination fees are to be paid if the plan is canceled before the term is completed, unlike Spectrum TV that can be canceled any time. Spectrum TV plans start at $65 per month for over 125 channels and increase as the number of channels you opt for increase.

Spectrum also offers add-on channel options which include some premium channels and services but at a cheaper rate. Some of the plans offered by the cable television brand include Spectrum TV Silver, Spectrum TV Gold, and Spectrum TV Select.

Spectrum also has special offers from time to time for consumers who want to get out of a contractual cable plan and move to Spectrum. Spectrum offers heavy discounts to such buyers for specific plans.

If you think Spectrum TV’s features and plans are ideal for you, sign up for a connection today. Speak to a customer representative to understand the terms and conditions. Some costs may not be included in their plans and prices like the cost of hardware, setup, and installation. You may also want to do a little background check on how well the customer service is. Reading online reviews and/or speak to people who use Spectrum to get a better idea.

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