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Best TVs for you: 50 inches and above

Bring home the best experience of watching movies with theater effects with an extra-large screen TV. Feel the cinema effect in your living room with most of the renowned television brands come up with screens that are 50 and more inches in width, such as the Argos 50 inch TV, providing fantastic surround sounds with high definition visuals and upgrading specifications.

A spectacular experience
Bring home the giant Sony XD9405 series into your living space to experience the awesomeness of the real home cinemas with the best picture quality.
If you are looking for slim models then this can be in your list: the LG OLED B6 series inclusive of good picture quality, rich color with a high contrast ratio.
Panasonic DX902 series is a user friendly smart system with the effective light control system; they are quite cheaper at cost.
Samsung KS7000 series this could be a good option for wider audience with color vibrancy and punch.

Pros and cons of extra-large TVs
It always better to take time and know about the pros and cons of an electronic device before we invest in it. Here are a few points to keep on the lookout:
– Make sure you have enough space to set up the huge monitor.
– A curved screen of your extra-large TV can limit the viewing angle, and at the same time it gives a wider view of the field. Hence, take that into account while watching your favorite show in one of these models to have the real experience.
– If you want to have the real treat, try choosing curved screens that are 70 inches or more for the best visual effects.
– Never wall mount curved screens since it doesn’t give an appealing look.
– Flat screens can be wall mounted but it’s preferred to place extra-large TVs on a stand to give more ambiance to your living space.

Making life beautiful:
Owing an extra-large TV can make your weekends memorable filled with fun and frolic as you can plan out a movie night together with friends and family, giving them the best experience of movie shows at their utmost comfort zone. Connect yourself to the world of internet with these extra-large TVs to have better Skype experiences with your loved ones. Gaming too gets interesting. Bring home the stadium to watch your favorite sports. Quick start with your audio system to enjoys the bliss of life with real colors.

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