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  • Free Dating Sites You Can Use to Find Your Partner
    People of all age groups are considering online dating websites to find a partner these days. Today, thousands of people are looking for love online using various free dating sites. There are some paid options as well, but we suggest that you start with the free ones and check whether you're comfortable with online dating. Later, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version, where websites charge you a fee for matching you with like-minded people and help you find a partner. Following is a list of the best free dating sites that you should try if you are open to dating and meeting people over the internet. Coffee Meets Bagel Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating and social networking website based out of San Francisco. You can download their app from Apple's App Store for free. It is a lesser-known dating website, but once a user tries it, they are sure to get hooked. Coffee Meets Bagel combines some of the best features of the top online dating sites and provides a platform that is easy to use and fun. This site gives its members a report card-like interface which states all the reasons why someone did not like their profile, or if the display picture was not good enough. OkCupid OkCupid is a popular free dating site. It is ideal for singles who want to test the waters of online dating. This site has maintained the same design and features for years which has made it extremely easy to navigate. The profiles on this website are very insightful. The site asks you a few questions before it starts matching you with other registered users. It also lets you control your searches by offering match suggestions. Plenty of Fish Plenty of Fish is one of the easiest ways to find potential partners on the internet. It is a free dating site, and it also has an app. Individuals who are looking to find a date can go through millions of choices. The website has a lot of profiles, and it receives close to 4 million logins every day. Plenty of Fish has been designed to help individuals find long-term partners. At the same time, it also has some scope for casual meets and can help you make new friends.
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  • List of Symptoms in ADHD-affected Adults
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition that affects both adults and children. A person suffering from this condition has differences in brain activity and brain development that affect self-control, attention, and the ability to sit still. ADHD can affect people at home, work or in relationships as it has a telling impact on the way people behave. It is easier to recognize ADHD in adults than children as the signs are prominent. Here is the list of symptoms, ADHD adults may experience:
    • Trouble getting organized The troubles of managing bills, children, and jobs to name a few can prove to be quite a task for ADHD patients.
    • Reckless driving Reckless driving and frequent accidents are a few of the symptoms ADHD adults come across often. The condition makes people more likely to drive recklessly which leads to getting speeding tickets and losing their license.
    • Marital problems Constant marital problems, arguing over small things, poor listening skills and an inability to honor commitments is a sign of the onset of the disease.
    • Prone to distraction Not being able to get your mind on things and getting distracted easily is a sign of ADHD. Finishing any particular task becomes difficult for ADHD patients and they keep moving from one thing to another. As you are easily distracted, your mind jumps from one thing to the other. You may plan to do something, but it slips off your mind and you start doing something else. This results in you getting late for almost everything.
    • Poor listening skills When you appear to be listening to someone but your mind is somewhere else, it indicates the onset of the condition.
    • Trouble starting a task While you may like the idea of doing something, you are not able to do it as it requires too much attention and concentration. This is one of the symptoms of ADHD in adults.
    Therapy and medicine are ways to treat this condition. Therapy helps people develop emotional, social, and planning skills. This is generally lacking in ADHD patients. Medicine helps activate the ability of the brain to slow down, pay attention, and use more self-control. Seek treatment options only after carefully monitoring an adult’s ADHD symptoms and diagnosing the disease. The disease can get better with time; so, do not waste time once the disease is a certainty. The earlier the treatment, the more effective it is.
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  • Jewelry: A Woman’s Best Friend!
    In the world that we live in, love has now become nothing short of a luxury for the present millennial generation. In a case as such, materialistic things like jewelry, for instance, are what women lean on to satiate their inner cravings. In this manner, the millennial generation has wrapped itself around the idea of loving oneself through purchasing of items that make them feel better.Since time immemorial, women have draped themselves in their best clothing, in order to steal the show at every special occasion. Women have adorned themselves with uber and semi-precious stones to increase the “bling factor” and attract the show’s attention to themselves. And so, it is believed that women consider jewelry to be their best friend.While the primary reason to buy jewelry these days is to make oneself feel better, women purchase from a jewelry store for multiple reasons and this has a multitude of effects. Here are some reasons why:
    1. Building Confidence

    Women build confidence in themselves in many different ways. It depends on their nature and what they have been through. As we all know, most (if not all) women are complex creatures and love to introspect on matters that might not be necessary. While doing so, they lose much of their confidence. The woman of today’s century will not sit at home and mope about it. She will take it to the Internet, to an online store, and purchase a piece of jewelry to get her mojo back. She will then sport the same in the most confident demeanor and post a picture of it on social media to instill the strongest sense of confidence in herself.
    1. Filling a Void

    It is truly said that a breakup, be it of any drastic nature, leaves the biggest void in a woman’s heart. What then is a good way to fill the void, if not for jewelry? When you are in a relationship and want to propose marriage, the man purchases a piece of diamond to do so. This in a way, also fills the void in a woman’s heart. She is going to permanently place the piece of jewelry on her ring finger as a symbol of the love she has for her partner.
    1. Exuberate Luxury

    Imagine walking into a party an hour late, where people might or might not have been waiting for you to arrive. The moment you walk in, people quieten down, turn towards you and gasp ever-so-slightly! They don’t want you to know that they are whispering about you, but you already know it in the back of your mind. But you still walk through with a smug face and a mask, that reveals it all. That is the power that jewelry gives women! Now, who wouldn’t want that?
    1. Gifting

    In retrospect, most of the jewelry that is purchased these days is not even by women! It is by the men who live close and interact with these women. Men purchase jewelry for many reasons. It could be to please their partner, to apologize for a dire mistake committed, it could be to take things further in the relationship, and also to celebrate a special occasion and mark it with a piece of jewelry to remember. Whatever be the reason, jewelry stores are flooded with men these days to find the right birthstone, the right rock, or the perfect set of earrings, to please their loved one. Moreover, sons have found this to be the easiest and foolproof way to please their mothers in a fainting crisis. Whatever be the reason to purchase your piece of jewelry and whatever be the kind of rock or gem you are purchasing, it cannot be denied that jewelry is indeed, a woman’s best friend. It helps her boost her confidence, it helps her exuberate luxury and feel important in a room full of people. What else do the women of today want?
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  • 5 natural remedies for diarrhea
    Diarrhea causes watery stools. Usually, in the case of acute diarrhea (lasting up to a week), the condition improves without any medical intervention. For chronic diarrhea (lasting more than a month), the treatment may involve treating the underlying cause. Chronic diarrhea causes can include any number of bowel diseases, pancreatic injuries, medicine use and infections. Acute diarrhea commonly occurs due to viral and bacterial infections. For severe cases, always seek medical treatment. However, some effective natural remedies can ease diarrheal symptoms during treatment as well as for mild cases without treatment.
    • Drinking adequate plain water and food with a little bit of salt can prevent dehydration and ease diarrheal symptoms.
    • Include bananas, white rice, steamed carrots, steamed lean meat, skinless mashed potatoes and yogurt in your diet. Avoid milk, sour cream, vegetables that can cause gas, beans, and nuts. Probiotics (good bacteria) in yogurt helps to restore gut health and aids in the treatment of diarrhea. Some chronic diarrhea symptoms can severely inflame the intestines. A regular consumption of plain yogurt can provide a lot of relief from pain and bloating.
    • Avoid foods with high amounts of fats and spices. During diarrhea, it is best to stick to a diet of bland foods. You can eat steamed white rice with a serving of yogurt, bananas with oatmeal, white bread with applesauce, steamed or baked skinless potatoes without butter or salt. Also avoid artificial sweeteners, rehydration drinks in excess and caffeinated beverages. You can drink a glass or two of plain water mixed with both salt and sugar. This helps to restore lost salts in the body and ease up diarrheal symptoms.
    • Adults with acute diarrhea can consume psyllium husk with water to bulk up stools.
    • Chronic diarrhea causes like celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other small bowel diseases can wreak havoc on your system. Avoid the food that triggers these causes and consult with a doctor for treatment. The same applies to other chronic diarrhea causes like intolerance of lactose, fructose, and sorbitol. Avoid drinks and foods that contain these sugars.
    These home remedies can be very effective to manage diarrhea. In the case of severe symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.
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  • Treatment options for an overactive bladder
    Incontinence due to an overactive bladder is called Urge/Effort Incontinence, and is the second most common of its kind. An overactive bladder tends to contract involuntarily. When this happens, urine will escape and whatever one does, it cannot be stopped altogether. The amount of leak depends on the severity and duration of the contraction. Often after when a small amount of urine has leaked, the urge decreases and further leakage need not happen even though one has to void the bladder. There are two very useful home remedies for overcoming this condition. If the condition is not very severe, then try bladder retraining. The first step is to create a database of the occurrence of one's incontinence and urination timings. Then try to prolong the interval between urination. Try also to delay going to the toilet by say 5 minutes, just to start off with. As control is slowly achieved, try to increase the intervals and try to delay the urge similarly as well. The other home remedy which enhances the effect is Kegel Exercises. Try and stop urination midway and identify the muscles involved in the process. Learn to contract the same muscles when the bladder is empty without interrupting the breathing and stiffening or contracting the abdomen, thigh or buttock muscles. Attempt to hold the contraction to a count of ten and relax for a count of three, and then repeat the same ten times. This constitutes a set. Repeat the sets at least five times in a day. As the muscles gain strength, increase the number of contractions in each set keeping the relaxing to the same count of three. The objective should be to be able to hold in between urination to a count of ten. If the incontinence is very severe, it is imperative to determine that there are no underlying diseases of which the incontinence is only a symptom. The common causes are Cystitis, which is inflammation of the bladder lining and central nervous system diseases like multiple sclerosis, stroke and Parkinson's disease. An enlarged prostate can also cause urge incontinence. Medicines like Anticholinergics are used to calm down the bladder where the bladder contractions are idiopathic. Inserting medical devices and Botox injections into the bladder muscles and sacral nerve stimulator implants are some of the other treatment options in more intransigent cases. One could even consult a doctor.
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