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  • Chevrolet trucks: Leading roads since 1947
    With Chevrolet Advance Design first launched in 1947, Chevrolet trucks are a common sight on the roads. It was from the mid to late 2000s that they brought major change to Chevrolet trucks. They then became more stylish and came with additional features which were far better than that of the competitors. Malibu Maxx SS, the HRR SS, and Trailblazer SS were all the epitome of modernity back then. But Silverado SS was something apart from them. It can be safely said that the Chevy truck sale for this particular truck was not at par with others. But, at the same time, the reason was not a bad one. The truck was a good one. With all the modern features and a capability to reach 60 miles an hour in merely 3 seconds was something. But the price of $40,000 was huge, even back then. It was finally in 2006 that some minor modifications were done, some features made optional to bring down the cost of the car. The company succeeded in what it wanted to do: bring the prices down. It sure did boost up the sales. Even though most people used it as a passenger vehicle and not as a truck, it was doing fairly well. There were not too many modern features back then; unlike today. The new Chevy truck prices for SS Silverado were $28,400. With up gradation came higher prices: $32,400 for a double cab and $36,800 for a crew cab. The new Chevy trucks sale was expected to rise owing to these exceptionally affordable prices. But, it may be that some people don’t want a cheap truck. Along with everything else, they were also in want of luxury. So, that is what Chevrolet is for. They also put up some such features for those people who wanted just that. In short, this is just a glimpse of what Chevy truck deal is about. With few downs and a lot of ups, Chevrolet trucks have sustained in the market for quite a long time. In fact, it is growing with grace.
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  • Why avoid gluten in your diet
    Believe it or not, about twenty percent of the world’s calories come from wheat. Wheat is easy to produce and is very comfortable and easy to store and ship. Wheat consumption kept on increasing at a fast pace from nineteenth century onwards. The consumption of wheat in the form of bread, noodles, and pasta might have dipped, but wheat still is a hidden ingredient in many of the products sold in a supermarket. Whether you like it or not, it is a part of everything starting from soups, gravies, sauces, spreads, dressing and even frozen vegetables. It is necessary to include gluten-free foods in your diet to have a healthy diet plan. So what makes wheat this bad? Wheat is a grain and carbohydrates form a major part of the calorie source. Apart from carbohydrates, wheat also contains proteins in the form of gluten, wheat germ agglutinin, and amylase trypsin inhibitors. It’s proven that high consumption of the carbohydrates itself can cause metabolic problems like blood sugar, but none of these problems can be linked to the proteins present in the grain. Inflammation is the natural symptom if anything goes wrong with the gut. These proteins are gut irritants and are like splinters drilling into the gut. Inflammation in gut eventually leads to increased intestinal permeability. The gut plays a very vital role in letting whatever the digested food is, into the blood stream and providing nutrients. All the toxic substances filtered are pushed the other way. Gluten stimulates the release of a protein called zonulin which increases the gut permeability, and more toxic substances are released into the blood stream. Gluten has another component called gliadin which when released into the blood stream can take down the immune system severely by molecular mimicry. Whenever a foreign body gets into the bloodstream, the immune system forms antibodies and attack. Gliadin has a structure similar to the body tissue. As a result, the antibodies start attacking human tissues too. Taking all these harms into consideration, it is best to have gluten free foods.
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  • Light bulbs to lighten up the house
    Bulbs are very important to provide adequate light in the house and its surroundings. It has rather become a necessity than desire. After the ban of incandescent bulbs on January 1, 2014, the United States of America has come up with various types of bulbs that provide an alternative to 40-70 Watt bulbs. The performance of it is dependent upon the light source (bulb) being used. Different bulbs have different roles and produce various lighting effects. There are various bulbs that also vary in performance and efficiency. There are certain bulbs specifically designed to save energy and provide the desired lightening effects. One such source is called as LUMEN, whose full form is Lighting Understanding for a More Efficient Nation. It is led by the American Lighting Association in alliance to save energy and the National Electrical Manufacture Association. It is in collaboration with 40 or more organizations. Various types of bulbs
    • LEDs Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a popular category of bulbs that are usually seen in average American homes. Light emitting diodes consist of a chip that is present in a plastic container. They are small in size and are effectively combined to form a single light bulb. LED lighting is more durable and efficient than any other light source, and are introducing more applications for homes. They are more popular in some types of downlights and under cabinet strips. It has an Energy Star Symbol to ensure good quality and better efficiency in LEDs.
    • Incandescent bulbs Incandescent or glowing bulbs often produce light when passed through electric current and a filament, which is the reason for its glowing effects. They are best used to cater to demands of high brightness levels. They also save energy and are energy efficient as compared to other light sources. According to the Energy and Independence Act of 2007, incandescent bulbs should produce an equal amount of light combined with less wattage. Wattage being referred to as the amount of electricity produced by a light source. The various types of incandescent bulbs are as follows. General Service These are light bulbs that are cheap and easily available. They were the most used light bulbs in the early 90s. They come at a very low price and produce a warm bright yellow light that is scattered in every direction. It has three basic shapes, i.e., General, Globe, and Decorative. Reflectorized bulbs They consist of a reflective coating in nature and direct light in almost the same direction. Parabolic Reflector bulbs They are also known as PAR and are control efficient. Light fixtures of this type control more light and emit more clarity. They are suitable for outdoor locations and places prone to floods. They are also used to track lights. Tungsten-halogen incandescent bulbs These bulbs produce better light as compared to any other incandescent bulbs. Their light is brighter, whiter, and is emitted in all directions. They have a longer shelf life and provide more wattage than any other incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs They are available in two types. Line voltage It is usually about 120 Watts. Low voltage It is usually about 12 Volts.
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  • Everything you need to know about essential tremors
    Neurological disorders are those that affect the nervous system. Essential tremor is one such disorder that causes rhythmic shaking of any part of the body. Signs of essential tremor can also be seen in the head, neck, torso, tongue, and face of a person. It is involuntary and is most often felt in the hands. What are essential tremors? The root cause of essential tremors is not yet known. It is a brain activity that is abnormal and is caused by the thalamus. It is a genetic condition which has a 50% chance of getting passed onto the next generation. The disorder can be seen only as the person gets older. An essential tremor is most noticed when the person is performing simple tasks like tying the laces or holding a glass of water. Though it is not a dangerous condition, it can worsen over time. There are cases where it can be severe as well. Essential tremor signs can easily be confused with other conditions like Parkinson’s disease. Signs and symptoms of essential tremor The frequency of the tremors cannot be predicted. Also, the signs of essential tremor may not be the same on both sides of the body. There are two types of essential tremors that you need to know about. The one that occurs when the person is trying to do some sort of physical activity is called as action tremors, while the one that occurs when the person is still and immobile is known as tremors at rest. Here are some of the signs that may affect different parts of the body.
    • The constant shaking in the hands while performing even the most basic activities is the most common sign of this condition.
    • When the tremors affect the neck or the head, it can make it move side to side or even up and down.
    • Twitching in parts of the face especially eyelids can be noticed.
    • When it affects the tongue, one can experience slurring of the speech.
    • If it has affected the legs, it may lead to an imbalance while walking or even have you walking with a gait.
    These are few telltale signs that can help you stay alert. The extent of essential tremor signs in some cases are very minor and so they even go unnoticed. On the other hand, if it is severe, it may become very difficult to go through everyday life. Extreme signs of essential tremors need timely treatment and care to let the individual live a normal life.
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  • The importance of monitoring your calorie intake
    A calorie is a unit that measures energy content in food and beverages. Every human being needs to consume certain amount of calories for a balanced living. The amount of calorie intake differs for men and women and also differs according to an individual's situation. For a balanced diet, on an average, a man needs to consume around 2,500 calories and a woman needs about 2,000 calories per day. This number varies according to the individual's health, lifestyle, age, amount of physical activity done and many such factors. All the food that we consume contains calories of varying amounts. In today's day and age many people watch and control their calorie intake in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy living. They do so by monitoring what they eat and how much they eat. Each meal that we consume should ideally contain about 600-700 calories. Snacking between meals can be a good way to control your hunger. But it's important to adjust the amount of calories you consume with every meal. With changing lifestyles and habits, the youth is very conscious of their calorie intake. Many people who start on a weight loss plan reduce their calorie intake significantly. Calorie management is an essential factor in losing weight and leading a better life. When the intake of calories is high and there is no measure taken to reduce it or to burn them, it could lead to health issues such as obesity, cholesterol, liver malfunction and also heart diseases. Scientists across the globe are conducting tests and experiments on calorie intake and its effects. Studies show that even if your calorie intake is low, you could still get many health issues if you live a very sedentary life. Getting enough physical activity is as important as the amount of your calorie intake. It is equally important to make sure that you do not compromise on the amount of calories you consume in a day. If your calorie intake is less than the amount required by your body, it could lead to weakness, lethargy, reduced blood pressure, constipation and even something as serious as gall stones. Balancing your calorie intake is the most essential step towards a healthy life. While all foods and drinks contain calories, not all calories are healthy. It is important to know the difference between these two and change your eating habits accordingly.
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