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  • Top 4 luxury jewelry brands of the year
    Not just for adding that extra bling to an ensemble, a piece of jewelry is primarily an expression of one’s individuality and personal style. Over the years, jewelry designs have evolved remarkably to fit the changing needs of every generation. Luxury jewelry, particularly, has made its mark by being high-customizable, lending uniqueness and extravagance to every piece created. Read further to know about the top 4 luxury jewelry brands of the year. Cartier Instituted by a French jewelry designer Louis-François Cartier in 1847, Société Cartier is one of the most prominent luxury jewelry brands in the world. They have customized jewelry for state events and royalty, including King Edward VII of England, Wallis Simpson, Princess Grace of Monaco, and the Maharaja of Patiala. At the moment, Cartier’s jewelry line offers necklaces, rings (wedding and engagement), bracelets, earrings, and brooches. Mikimoto A luxury pearl jewelry maker, Mikimoto’s history dates back to 1889 when Mikimoto Kokichi designed the first cultured pearl. Its first store was established in Tokyo, and the brand gradually made its way into major fashion capitals, including New York, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Mikimoto is the first luxury Japanese jewelry to have gained international recognition. Apart from the exquisite pearls, Mikimoto is celebrated for its simple yet elegant designs. Mikimoto has an incredible collection of pearl and diamond necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, and men’s jewelry. Bulgari (Bvlgari) A renowned Italian luxury brand, Bulgari was founded in Rome by a Greek jeweler Sotirios Bulgaris in 1881. It wasn’t until the 20th century that this brand garnered attention across international markets for its creations. The brand’s rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are fancied by some legendary Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman. Some of their popular luxury jewelry collections are Serpenti, Monete, and Parentesi. Apart from designer jewelry, Bulgari also makes leather goods, watches, and fragrances. Harry Winston Referred as the King of Diamonds, Harry Winston had a talent to effortlessly spot the best gemstones. He is credited for introducing the method of clustering, a signature technique where different cuts of diamonds are pieced together in an arresting detail so that it can seize light from every direction. Such was the aura of this jewelry, that every Hollywood starlet wished to don only his designs. At the moment, Harry Winston has an extensive luxury jewelry collection which includes pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, charms, bangles, engagement rings, wedding bands, and men’s jewelry.
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  • All that you need to know about Allen Edmonds shoes on sale
    Allen Edmonds is a brand that has original American shoes for men who look for quality and sophistication. And especially for those who do not mind the premium price tag for the remarkably well made handcrafted shoes. Apart from the all-year clearance and factory outlet sale, the Father’s Day sale is on right now and you can walk into any of the Allen Edmonds shoe store in the country or log onto their website and choose a pair of solid, good looking shoes from their several large collections. Since it’s founding in the year 1922 in Wisconsin, Allen Edmonds has had a huge fan following from the US Army and Navy to whom their shoes were supplied during World War II. This earned them customers for life because the defense personnel were loyalists to the Allen Edmonds brand of shoes. Apart from the exceptional quality products they design and manufacture, another reason for this loyalty was because Allen Edmonds shoes were never thrown away or replaced, they were usually repaired. The company themselves offer special services for repairing and rebuilding shoes with new bases or creating a new finish. This is possible because of the robust Goodyear-Welt construction that allows for more resolving and an extended lifespan of the shoes. The selection of dress and casual Allen Edmonds shoes come in sizes from 6 to 16 and widths from AAA to EEE. While a regular pair of Allen Edmonds shoes can cost anywhere between $200-$700 per pair, on sale these have huge discounts of $100 on the Italian Leather collection and $75 on the boat shoes and driving mocks set of shoes. The Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill boots that comes in Premium Chromexcel® leather in two colors now costs only $257.99, while its original price was $395. Fitted with lace up closure, this Allen Edmonds shoe on sale is made of a soft leather lining and is lightly cushioned for added comfort for all-day wear. Similarly, the Allen Edmonds Strandmok, a style of oxfords also with a lace-up design has a 50% off and is available for $172.99 after discount. Quality, service, and integrity are the guiding factors of the Allen Edmonds brand of shoes, and shoemaking is an art here. Which of the Classic Heritage American Allen Edmonds shoes on sale are you eyeing now?
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  • 3 Popular Online Stores for Hunter Rain Boots
    Hunter rain boots came into vogue in 1956. They became popular due to their durability, performance, and comfort. These are perfect during the rains as they remain dry and keep your feet warm. If you are looking for affordable rain boots, Hunter rain boots sale is a great way to get boots at great prices. A number of online as well as offline stores offer a wide collection of Hunter rain boots on sale. You can also get several deals and discounts on these boots at the website of Hunter. Here are a few stores that offer Hunter rain boots sale.
    • 6 PM: 6 PM is one of the best places to find different products on sale from various brands. Hunter rain boots are one of the products among these. Hunter original short gloss rain boots have been one of the best-selling products. These boots are designed especially for women. This product is made of vulcanized natural latex rubber. These boots enhance the style and provide good comfort during the rains. The interior lining is made of nylon so these boots become dry very quickly. The sole of these boots is made with rubber to provide proper traction.
    • Zappos: Zappos is another online retailer with a large number of deals and offers on the different brands of clothing, shoes, boots and other accessories. It offers nearly 20% discount on Hunter rain boots. One of the popular products on this website is Hunter original tall gloss rain boots. These boots are available in seven different colors. The material used in the making of this product is vulcanized natural rubber with a glossy touch. The inner lining is made of nylon for a fast dry. These boots sustain well through the rain as well as offer good fit and comfort.
    • Nordstrom: You can also get a sale on Hunter rain boots from Nordstrom's offline store or website. Nordstrom offers various options for Hunter rain boots and you can select the product of your choice based on your requirements. Hunter original garden stripe short rain boots are one of the popular products that you can find on the Nordstrom website.
    • The boots are designed with a round toe and stripe detailing. It has a buckle closure and waterproof construction. These boots are available at a 45% discount.
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  • Spring Refresh Collection at BHS is a must see
    While spring may be ready to make an exit, we are not particularly sure if we want to bid adieu to the beautiful season of flowers and freshness. This can be seen in shop windows all over the country, and the British Home Stores or BHS Online is singing the same tune. It has even launched a nationwide campaign called the Spring Refresh Collection which features a number of products that will help you hold on to spring even as you get your wardrobe summer-ready. Come and take a look at these versatile pieces that go from spring to summer in no time at all!
    • Blouses: To begin with, one of the best trends of the season can be seen at the BHS show windows. These blouses are floral pieces in formal neutral hues with little pops of color. But the best part about many pieces from this collection is the length. The part-tunic part-long blouse length is a replica of the Kurtas that one can see in East India. These go from blouses to dresses in one neat swipe. You can pair them with capris, ankle length, and pencil trousers in the spring, and then wear them as dresses when summer rolls around.
    • Tapered trousers: The tapered trousers are another versatile piece available in various colors here at BHS Online. You can buy these in white so that they go well with your spring blouses and your summer tee shirts with collars or V-necks. These trousers will keep you looking and feeling cool with their cotton, linen and polyester fabrics. You can choose from a plethora of styles and hues so that you have a piece which can be worn both during the cool spring times and the hot summer months.
    • Skirts: The British countryside comes alive with this collection of genteel skirts. The knee length and longer skirts that skim the calves have been designed to help you usher in a casual vibe for both spring and summer. These skirts come in the latest trend-setting color of the season - blue. The beach-inspired shades of blue have been used generously for the skirts featured by BHS, so that you have a plethora of styles in these hues for a soothing and casual look.
    • The Bold and the beautiful: Just because it has so many soothing pieces, does not mean that BHS has forgotten what it means to be bold and beautiful. For those who are always ready for a party or always looking for some drama, the collection has plenty of garments in bold red hues along with robust stripes, solid shades as well as structured necklines and pleats. This gives the collection and your wardrobe a definite edge and a piece or two from this collection is a must buy! Pair with neutral accessories to make a statement like none other!
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  • This Is How You Can Travel Smarter
    This is how you can travel smarter With so many travel accessories produced and advertised today, you might feel confused or overwhelmed about which travel bag would perfectly suit you. The best thing to do in such cases is to consider some important factors such as how long will your trip be, how many items will you be shoving inside the suitcase, what built-in feature would help you the most and your budget. Once you have a rough idea of these factors, you can then browse through your options and pick the best travel accessories for yourself. Read this article to know more about which travel accessories will change your travel experience altogether and classify you as a smart traveler. • Bluesmart Black Edition Bluesmart is a known brand when it comes to travel accessories. The new Bluesmart Black edition is a premium suitcase, which has advanced features like a built-in charger, global tracker, and lock system that can be directly accessed through your smartphone app. One of the most talked-about features of this stylish black suitcase is its weight sensor that lets you know whether you have probably stuffed your bag with more clothes than it was made for. • Trunkster Did you know that you can have a suitcase without any zipper? Yes, it is possible. Trunkster is a premium suitcase that comes with sliding roll-up door. This sliding door can be accessed even when you keep your bag standing. The bag is water resistant and has a digital scale that gives you an idea of how much your luggage weighs. Trunkster, like many other premium travel accessories, comes with two USB ports with a charging cable. You also have the luxury to pay more and get an upgrade of globally tracking your bag if you lose it. • Fugu Travel The best thing about Fugu bags is that you can transform it from carry-on luggage to on-the-wheel big luggage at the mere click of the button. This bag is great if you pack light for a trip but know that while coming back you would have loads of souvenirs for your loved ones. With Fugu travel, you will always be prepared for a travel experience. It is again equipped with a GPS tracker that helps you to keep track of your bag. • Space Case 1 This is another suitcase you must have if you are a technology fan. It is the ultimate smart suitcase to own. The most desired feature of the bag is its biometric lock system. The bag will open only with the fingerprints of the owner or through the planet traveler app. Another impressive feature is the long-lasting battery, which is said to last for about 225 hours. If you are still not convinced, you can try their 100-day trial and decide for yourself. • Floatti The Floatti is rolling luggage that undoubtedly classifies as a smart suitcase. The bag is called so owing to its wheels that are so easy to move that they seem to float when you are carrying them. This smart suitcase can be synched with any smartphone, and you can get access to your mobile notifications, contacts, send a voice-to-text message, and listen to music. Floatti also has a built-in charging feature, making it even more useful. One of the reasons why this bag is perfect for your next trip is because of its cool feature called handbag docking. Floatti comes with a docking strap and in-built hooks that help you hook your hand purse or coat to your main suitcase so that your other hand is free for you to hold your passport or other travel accessories. Since premium travel bags cost a bomb and it is a real investment, make sure that you do a thorough research before you buy one.
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