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  • 4 fun styling tips for plus-sized clothing
    Styling is more of a personal choice than following norms or trends. This is true for every kind of outfit, whether straight-sized or plus-sized clothing. Although there are a lot of classy dressing tricks floating about, how about adding a dash of adventure and quirk to plus-sized clothing? Here are a few fun ways to flaunt a plus-sized outfit, without going overboard. Get some knee-highs and thigh-highs Ankle-length socks are cute, and they add a touch of chic casualness to any outfit. For a change, try knee-highs and thigh-highs. Perfect for the fall season, when combined with the right material and outfit, knee-highs and thigh-highs can make any plus-sized clothing quirkier. Plus, they make the legs look longer and sassier. A good styling tip is to mix together mesh tights with thigh-highs. Or a skirt in pastel shade with black knee-highs or a short plait-dress with thigh-high boots. To accessorize or not to accessorize Many suggest that the simplest trick to make any plus-sized clothing look better is to add over-the-top accessories to the outfit like a chunky statement necklace, dangling earring, and lots of bracelets. These will definitely bling up the outfit. However, going the no-bling way can also be a great idea. Play around with kitschy outsized prints and bold-printed bodycon for a fun and bold look without any OTT accessorizing. If choosing to accessorize, just pick one piece of jewelry to be the highlight of the ensemble. Take care of frumpy fabric with wide belts Plus-sized clothing sometimes has extra fabric that makes it look sloppy. One way is to do tailoring by fixing up the extra fabric for a better fit and at quite a low cost too. If too lazy to go to the tailor or if short on time, grab an extra wide belt and tuck in the extra fabric of an over-sized shirt or a loose dress. Add on a structured blazer for a neater look. Don’t run away from crop tops Contrary to popular opinion, crop tops can be quite flattering to a plus-sized clothing ensemble. Pair up a crop top in a solid color with a flamboyant A-line skirt, fitting leather pants, or printed trousers to show off the perfect amount of curves. Add a layer with a wool or leather jacket to complete the outfit.
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  • 4 elegant jewelry pieces that every woman must own
    Shakespeare had, eons ago, given the jewelry designers the exact psychology of every buyer, when he said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The very idea of beauty is quite subjective and keeps varying from person to person. Every year, the jewelry trends keep changing and fashion enthusiasts try to keep up with these trends. What had been in vogue two years ago, would not be considered a trendy jewelry in the present day. However, there are certain jewelry items that never go out of style! These aren't the actual vintage jewelry that people pay an atrocious amount for, they are the regular jewelry items that has withstood the test of changing times and trends, and still hold a very important position is a woman's jewelry box. If you wish to own jewelry that would never fade into oblivion, then these are some really interesting jewelry that would make you feel elegant and trendy at the same time. Diamond studs- Diamonds are a girl's best friend. This statement is reasserted in the fact that diamonds never go out of style. A pair of simple diamond studded earrings are a must in your jewelry box. These are the most elegant and minimalistic jewelry that you can ever wear. Got a cocktail dress and wish to go minimalistic? Try a good hairstyle and adorn your ears with the sparkling diamond studs. There, you are the belle of the ball now. A pearl set- Pearls are the saving grace for women who don't wish to opt for dazzling jewelry and are more inclined to let their sober style grab attention. A pearl set that consists of earring and necklace is a classic jewelry that can be worn even with your "little black dress" or your glimmering prom gown. A cocktail ring- Who doesn't love a big glimmering rock adorning their finger? There's not set rule that you need to be married or engaged to wear a rock on your finger. This semi-precious jewelry piece would give you "the boss lady" look without wearing any edgy fashion jewelry. A diamond bracelet- Every woman has a jewelry that she has inherited from her grandmother or her mother that looks vintage and radiates elegance. A simple diamond bracelet on your delicate wrist is what would complete the perfect evening attire for your much-awaited date. The delicate glimmering stones held together by an even more delicate metal would be the perfect semblance of grace and confidence. No matter which year you live in or what are the trending jewelry pieces, these above-mentioned jewelry items would never go out of style and are must-haves in your jewelry collection.
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  • 6 Common Categories of Women's Clothes To Know About
    When you think about women’s clothes, the one thing that comes to your mind instantly is fashion. The fashion trends in women’s clothes have been evolving constantly over the past 50 years. The trends have been changing through the years and seasons. Earlier, women's fashion was restricted due to societal and cultural norms. Now, women's fashion has seen a lot of innovations and reinventions. Present-day women's clothing can no longer be slotted into just two or three categories. The kinds of clothes a woman wears for work is quite different than what she would wear for a social event, or what she would wear when she is at the gym. Women's clothes can now be categorized into the following generic groups
    • Professional attire: Perfect for the workplace, this look gives a professional touch to the clothing style. Included in this category are business suits, pants, trousers, skirts, and formal dress. These women's clothes give a proper look for business purpose.
    • Latest Trends: If you are looking for something that is in fashion currently, you can try some street styles or casual looks. These are usually a combination of past and present fashion trends in women's clothing and involve mixing and matching of accessories, shoes, and hairstyles.
    • Formal Attire: This category of women's clothes is for formal occasions and social events. In this category, women's clothing includes cocktail dresses or elegant gowns, or even tuxedos dresses, blazers, and dinner jackets.
    • Travel Clothing: While traveling or on a vacation, most women prefer clothes that give comfort and lets the skin breath. Travel clothing includes everything ranging from beachwear to ski suits. For example, flora Hawaaiin dresses are forever in trend when it comes to beachwear.
    • Fitness Clothing: This category includes women's clothing for fitness activities, gym, and sports. The most significant aspect of these clothes is that they allow free movement. Moreover, these clothes are made of materials that absorb sweat quickly and let the skin breathe. Also, these clothes allow easy air flow even during intense workout sessions. This category includes sweatshirts, track pants, shorts, and loose-fitting t-shirts.
    • Undergarments: Earlier, there was not much variety available in this category of women's clothes. Now, there are different types of lingerie and undergarments. Depending on the type of fitting required and the outfit, it is now possible to pick undergarments that will enhance the overall look and flatter the body, irrespective of size and shape.
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  • Top 3 Kate Spade Bags
    Kate Spade New York was introduced in New York in 1993. The bags made by them are well known for their budget price and their stylized look. Kate Spade is the brand name in the industry of fashion. The Kate Spade bags add a stylish look to your appearance. These handbags are appreciated by young ladies as they like its sophisticated look. This article will give you a brief description of a few of the bags made by Kate Spade. Cameron Street Lucie Saffiano Leather Tote This bag is a nice option for your workplace as it is designed in a way that it provides a good space for your essential requirements. It has a top closure with zipping and shining hardware. At the topmost area, there are two handles present for holding purposes. In the interior of this bag, two slip pockets and one zip pocket are made. Additionally, it has metal feet for protecting your bag from the dust. Its exterior portion is made of cow leather which is coated with polyurethane. The interior lining is made up of polyester. Carter Street Mini Caden Leather Backpack This little backpack is a great option to select for weekend plans as it has a sophisticated look with versatility. The closure of this backpack is of zip-lined style at the top. Also, it has carry-handles at the top of the backpack. The straps of the backpack are adjustable as per your need. You can also get an optional luggage tag with this backpack. This is made up of leather and there is signature dot-jacquard lining. Emerson Place Brennan Quilted Leather Crossbody This bag is a beautiful crossbody bag which will give your look, a touch of sophistication. It has a crossbody strap which you can detach whenever you don’t need that. The closure of the bag is magnetic, giving it a chic look. It comes with a slip pocket inside the bag. Also, there is a benefit of a card case with three card slots and you can remove when you want. The logo hardware is present at the front of the bag. This cross-body bag is made up of leather. It comes in two colors; rosy pink and gold color. Kate Spade bags are inspired by the colors of nature. This can be truly seen in their products as their products are full of colors, sophistication and amazing charm. These bags are purely a great way to enhance your lifestyle.
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  • Tips to pick the best bridal dress for your wedding
    A wedding is the most important day for the bride, and most important aspect for a bride is the wedding dress: the one piece of wedding clothing that stands out from all of the crowd on that special days. Here a few crucial tips that can help you pick your favorite wedding dress:
    • Start early on your shopping The ideal time to start planning your bridal dress would be at least six to nine months prior to the wedding date. The making of a dress can take at least 4 months; therefore, giving yourself at least a 2-month buffer for alterations is essential. Ordering at the last minute and trying to get a good dress that fits your perfectly and compliments your style will be mind-boggling.
    • Base your bridal dress on the wedding destination Location is a key component to deciding what kind of dress you have to pick for your wedding ceremony. From the place that you pick to the time of your wedding will be needed to pick the right bridal dress. If you are organizing a beach wedding, then you have the freedom to pick an informal cocktail dress as it suits the location and environment. In the church, a ball dress or one that has trails can be chosen. Of course, the fabric you choose needs to be according to the season in which your wedding day is.
    • Having a game plan when shopping for your bridal dress Instead of mindlessly trying to find a dress for your wedding, get some tips from friends and family about the best dressmakers they know in the area. Research a little about them and make a prior appointment so that you get some professional help when picking your bridal clothing. This is not a dress that you want to buy off the rack. Try to make your appointments on a weekday and when the store is less crowded so that you get the best attention when you shop. If your salesperson is too preoccupied, you might miss out on some crucial design needs. Most importantly, get inputs from everyone but just don’t give up on what you want at the end of the day.
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