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  • Hard and soft inquiries that you need to know about credit cards
    There are three major American companies that maintain a detailed report of your credit standing and repayment history. This data can be requested for by banks, money lenders, credit card companies, employers and so on. Let us take a look at when hard credit inquiries are essential and when soft credit inquiries may be initiated and by whom. Hard credit check inquiries are normally mandatory
    • when you have applied for an automobile loan
    • when you apply for a home loan
    • when you apply for an educational loan
    • as part of a credit card request application
    • when applying for a mortgage of your property
    A hard credit check inquiry may be requested when
    • your identity needs to be verified by a stock trading Bureau
    • you require a telephone or internet connection
    • you wish to open a checking, savings or a money market account in any bank
    • you wish to increase your available credit limit
    Soft credit inquiries are usually mandated when
    • you wish to ascertain your credit score
    • you wish to avail of a loan or a credit card offer that has already been pre-approved by the financial institution or the bank in question-based on your past transactions with them
    • A prospective employer wishes to check you overall background as part of the vetting process to determine if you would be suitable for the job in question and whether you can be trusted with specific responsibilities.
    Though not essential, a soft credit inquiry may also be initiated in the following situations: By a landlord whose property you wish to lease or rent By a telecommunications company when you request for a telephone or internet connection By a banker with whom you wish to open an account of any kind A hard check cannot be initiated unless it has been authorized by you post your application for a loan, mortgage or credit card. A soft credit inquiry may not require your authorization. Credit scores that are obtained from a hard inquiry may affect your overall credit standing adversely. Most soft inquiries, including those where you wish to assess your own credit score have no adverse impact on your credit standing.
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  • Key guidelines on financial planning
    Here are some relevant guidelines in planning your finances and systematically protecting and increasing your savings. First of all, you need to assess your net worth which is the total of all your liquid and non-liquid assets and investments, from which final figure you subtract the total of all your debts and liabilities. Once you understand the total savings, you can go ahead with financial planning as per short, medium, and long term goals. Given your current income level and monthly expenses, factor in the cost of living expenses due to inflation and how much of your income would be required to cover your essential needs in the future. Also, try to have an approximate idea of large sums of money you would require and when you would need this. Depending on your income, secondary income from your partner or other family members, your age, your likely career path and where you live and work, you could decide how much of your monthly earnings you wish to apportion towards investments. There are some low risk, medium risk and high-risk investments available, depending on how much you invest and the kind of returns you seek. While it is important to build your assets by investing wisely, do remember to cover your self and your dependents for any risks by taking out life insurance. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, it would be wise to spread your investments across savings accounts, gold, real estate, debt, and equity. Financial planning requires you to compute your tax liability and invest in a manner that gives you the maximum tax breaks under the sections legally permitted. Also, review the status of all your investments at intervals, so that you know if you need to redirect your money towards other investment options. Lastly, do not be misled by spurious claims of agents who promise you quick money. Investments need to go be made carefully using one's discretion. You can seek the advice of a professional investment consultant who will guide your financial planning towards optimizing your benefits.
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  • Top car loans that you need to know
    Here are the top car loans available: CarsDirect: CarsDirect is a buying service but also provides auto loans. Many companies which provide auto loans have a range within which the loan value must lie. This kind of loan works very well for people who want to buy a second-hand car because there is no minimum limit on the amount. MyAutoLoan: This company helps to connect customers with final lenders who provide the necessary funds. The rate of interest payable on the car loan depends on the location, the kind of vehicle and also the credit history. This kind of a service is good for somebody buying an automobile for the first time. On the other hand, people who do not want to deal with multiple lenders should avoid such loans. U.S. Bank: The U.S. Bank provides a great deal on the car loan. They do not charge high rates of interest. A great benefit is that they do not charge high-interest rates on the people buying second-hand cars unless the car is more than six years old or has run more than 100,000 miles. The loan is great for anyone who is looking for the security and safety of having borrowed the money from a large financial institution. It’s best not to consider getting a loan from here if you want to purchase the car by a lease. LightStream: LightStream is a branch of the SunTrust Bank. It works great for customers with a high credit score. A major problem with this company is that they are very picky with their clients. Bank of America: Out of all options, this is best one. The Bank of America provides all kinds of auto loans. Key benefits include: Customers who already have an account are eligible for a reduction in interest rate, and there are over 5000 branches where the customer can acquire the loan from. Auto title loans: This company provides car title loans. If you are looking to get a loan for a small period, you can check websites and companies like Auto title loans. You may also check websites that provide information on all other websites that provide car title loans online. One such website is called
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  • Why is financial management important for business
    In an ideal world, any business with a novel idea and a solid value system should be successful, right? Yes, but those are not the only criteria that are mandatory. A thorough financial management policy is equally important. Whether your business is part of the service, merchandising or manufacturing industry, and whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, a limited liability, a corporation or a cooperative, having control over the flow of money into is crucial. Bookkeeping, financing, cash flow, budgeting, resource planning, tax returns, debt monitoring are concepts linked closely to financial management. Maintaining clear, straightforward accounts for all the money that you handle in your business activities eliminates unnecessary confusion and helps increase profits. Budgeting is essential to ensure that you spend money in the right manner for the successful business growth and not indulge in extravagant expenses that do not reap any benefits. Paying salary, fees, bills and all such routine expenses on time will avoid fines and penalties. Another aspect of running a business deals with policies of marketing, distribution and pricing your products or services. These must be given attention and inward remittances must be demanded promptly. The balance between inflow and outflow of money should be maintained in such a way that the enterprise earns income over and above what is spent. Accurate financial reporting would help in analyzing where costs must be reduced and how profits can be increased, which of your efforts help in enhancing the monetary flow and improving overall business and how those that drain resources are becoming a liability and burden on the company. Correct calculation of payroll taxes and sales or service tax and lowering interest on debts, arranging a good mix of both high profit and low-profit margin and appropriate sales volumes of such products/services, are also part of effective financial planning. Directly, and indirectly, a systematic and disciplined financial management structure is good for any business, especially if the goal is to not stagnate but evolve and prosper.
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  • Understanding supplemental dental insurance
    Did you know teeth start to form even before we are born, but they come through only when we are 6-12 months old? And, while baby teeth fall off and permanent teeth takes its place, losing this set of permanent teeth results in a condition called Edentulism or toothlessness. While a toothless smile would look adorable on babies or really old people, the rest of us might prefer to visit a dentist to set things straight! Visiting dentists twice a year is highly recommended by most doctors. A thorough check up, and cleaning of teeth regularly not only reflects on good oral hygiene habits but also helps in the prevention or care of other medical conditions that are directly or indirectly related to the health of teeth and gums. A visit to any doctor is certainly an expensive affair but is more so in the case of dentists. Dipping into your savings and attending to treatments as and when the need arises is one way to handle the situation; while intentionally saving up and investing in a particular, individualised health insurance policy is a better way to approach the same situation. Health insurances are of many kinds. But most insurance policies do not cover dental treatments. Supplemental dental insurance is what you might opt for, to either get the necessary dental coverage that is not offered on basic medical policies or if you already have a dedicated dental insurance policy and you have exceeded your plan's annual maximum limit. You might also want to opt for the same if your specific plan does not cover a much needed procedure, then that is where supplemental dental insurance comes into play. To cover extra benefits related to oral care or to add to what your current dental insurance policy provides, supplemental dental insurance is extremely beneficial. The two kinds of supplemental dental insurances - indemnity or managed-care plans - usually decide your choice of dental care providers, the out-of-pocket costs involved and how your bills are to be paid. Supplemental dental insurance is a precautionary safety expenditure that shields you and your family’s health and finances.
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