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  • A guide to buy the perfect dry cat food
    Picking the best cat food in the market can be challenging. Your pet cat has specific nutritional needs, and you need to make sure her needs are met so that your pet does not fall sick. Food market has some brands that make nutritious cat food. But you need to know which food is better for your cat before you buy it. Before you understand which brand offers best dry cat food, you need to address the following things:
    • Age of the cat When you pick the cat food, make sure the nutrition in the food is appropriate to the age of your pet. Some food is designed for kittens and some other food for the adults and seniors. So make sure you read the labels before you put the tin in your cart. Cat’s life is categorized into three stages: kitten, adult, and senior.
    • Kittens Your kittens need high protein and high-fat diet to develop teeth, strong bones and muscles.
    • Adults Try low calorie best dry cat food indoor cat meals so that they do not put on weight. If your cat is overweight, it is at the risk of getting diabetes, heart problem and arthritis.
    • Senior cats By this stage the cats become sedentary. Hence they need best cat food indoor cats can digest easily and does not burden their kidneys.
    • Body condition of the cat The nutritional requirements of pet cats differs depending on their size of the body. Overweight cats need different nutrition when compared to underweight cats.
    • Health conditions You also need to keep your cat’s health condition in mind while picking best dry cat food. If your pet suffers from any of the health conditions like allergies, diabetes, breathing difficulties, then you need to buy food that is sensitive to your pet’s conditions.
    • Budget Usually, you get best quality cat food at a higher price. So the more you spend, the better quality you get. However, you need to find what best you can offer to your pet in your budget without compromising on the nutrition. If budget is your constraint, then you can get your pet cat accustomed to homemade or discounted best indoor cat food.
    What to look for in the best dry cat food? A healthy diet will keep your pet cat away from diseases. So make sure the following ingredients are on the top of the list when you read the labels- Protein from fish, poultry or meat like lamb, beef, chicken, tuna, or turkey, amino acid taurine, fatty acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and water. The best dry cat food should have preservatives to keep the food fresh and should have wheat, corn, rice as fillers along with coloring, flavors, and binders. The foods should meet the standards set by the AAFCO. What to avoid? You best dry cat food should not have the following ingredients:
    • By-products
    • Added Sugars
    • Chemical preservatives proved to be dangerous like BHT, BHA, propyl gallate and ethoxyquin
    • Cornmeal
    • Carbohydrate fillers added more than the required quantity
    Keep rotating your cat food because your pet may get bored with the same meal every day. Different foods come with a different range of vitamins and minerals. So when you rotate food choices, you are balancing the diet. Also, cats are very curious by nature. They tend to eat the common household food which can make them severely sick. So here are the things that should be kept away from your cat:
    • Canned tuna
    • Garlic
    • Onions
    • Milk
    • Alcohol
    • Chocolate
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Cola drinks
    • Raw eggs
    • Grapes
    • Raisins
    • Candy and gums
    • Yeast dough
    In case your pet accidentally eats any of the above-said household food items, you need contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and get help immediately.
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  • Dry vs. wet food - How to choose the best for your pet
    As a pet owner, you may find a wide choice of nutrition which may fall under the best premium dog food category, but it is a very challenging task to go with right option for the pet where dry or wet food is concerned. When it comes to choosing food items for the dog, pet parents need to go according to the health condition and nutrition needs of their dogs. Also, you must consider the pros and cons of the various types of food items. While some pet parents wish to claim that dry food is better for dogs, there are others who feel exactly the opposite that a dog is happier and the stronger with wet food. Hence, it is essential to evaluate any best premium dog food before buying them online or at a physical store. This way, you can get an idea to choose between dry food and wet food and ensure a nutrition-rich meal for your dog, which supports its health. Dry dog food formula: This food item is specially made with crunchy and other kibble pieces. The dry food is filled with a number of the benefits as mentioned below:
    • It is delivered in convenient packages.
    • It is sold in huge portions.
    • Dry food is simple to store.
    • It has a longer shelf life and therefore, it is cost effective for the pet owner.
    • It need not be stored in the refrigerator. As keep it out, in turn, makes it highly beneficial for the dog’s teeth. The crunchy kibble can help remove plaque from the dog’s teeth and improve its chewing capacities.
    Wet food formulas: It is filled with high water content; so it becomes a soft form of food for the dog. It has various types of food, with varying levels of moistness and flavors. Hence, the pet parent can go with the right boost of moisture and favor for the dogs. This food item is available in the form of cans, tubs, and pouches and also it piques the interest of your dog in consuming these healthy food items, which keeps them healthy forever. However, if you are unsure about which is the best premium dog food in the real essence, just remember the below pointers:
    • Experiment with dry and wet food and then choose the one, which gave better results for your pet.
    • Take recommendations from a dog breeder, animal shelters, and your veterinarian.
    • When your dog grows overweight, just try to go with wet dog foods, which helps in making your dog feel full faster. As if you offer your dog wet food, your dog will ultimately eat less.
    • When your dog is extremely active, she or he may benefit from the presence of higher fat content in wet food.
    • When your dog finds it difficult to chew food, just go with wet food, which provides a simple yet effective support for the dog.
    • When the dog has a reduced smelling ability, owing to an illness or other problem, the wet food can help entice them than other dry food items.
    • When the dog has a medical condition, which diminishes with an increased intake of water, the veterinarian may suggest you feed them with wet food.
    By considering the above ideas, the pet owner can quickly go with the right and most reliable choice of best premium dog food for their pets. Also, the right choice of dog food will help improve the strength and stamina of the dog and will let it stay active for a long time. All in all, it will help you to decide the perfect buy and provide your dog the ideal dietary intake needed for him to grow healthy and strong.
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  • How to recognise food allergies in dogs
    A food allergy happens when a dog's resistant framework erroneously trusts a particular food is unsafe just like it happens to us as humans. The dog's immune core reacts with antibodies, which trigger a progression of hazardous side effects. Food allergies approximately record for around 20% of the reasons for tingling and scratching in dogs. The most widely recognized side effects of food allergy in animals are irritated skin, baldness, and issues with the gastrointestinal framework. One should check below-mentioned points to examine and detect if their dog has food allergies or not:
    • Check for irritations and itchiness: Irritations and itchiness are one of the most common symptoms of food allergy in dogs. Check if your dog is scratching his/her body frequently. Check for your dog's fur, and if you find any rashes or dry skin, the chances are that your dog might have a food allergy.
    • Frequently vomits: If your dog vomits immediately after eating food, then he or she might be allergic to that food or maybe a particular ingredient in it. It may also happen that he/she might have eaten something unhygienic along with the food.
    • Check the ingredients of your dog food: Chances are your dog might be allergic to one of the food ingredients of the food that you are feeding him. Chicken, wheat, and beef are some common ingredients dogs are allergic. So you can eliminate them from your dog's diet. Also, if he/she already has an allergy, try to add some best dog food for allergies, which we will discuss later in this section.
    • Get your dog’s skin tested: If you are not able to find any of the above symptoms, you can prefer a skin test for your dog. The examination can provide you information about the allergy and also, the specific foods your dog is allergic. So, you can further go to a veterinary doctor and get the allergy treated
    Below are some of the best dog food for allergies, which you can provide to your dog.
    • Holistic Radiant Adult: This product provides essential fibers and unprocessed micro-nutrients. It is a whole, natural food that keeps your dog’s digestive system on track and keeps them away from allergies. It helps in clearing wastes and stomach disorders for your dog. Many users claim improvement in their dog's health after using Holistic Radiant Adult. A dog’s weak digestive system is considered as one of the causes that give allergies to them.
    • Orijen Dog Food: Orijen Dog Food is considered as one of the best dog food for allergies. In this product, you get whole eggs and high-quality fruits and vegetables that are easily digestible. It contains no fillers, but it is a bit high in price. However, its value and the purpose it serves for your dog is highly appreciable and is perfect for your dog’s good health.
    • Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein: Few dogs find it difficult to digest raw meat, which often results in indigestion and allergies. Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein is one such food for dogs who face such condition. It has a pre-digested ingredient that diminishes the process of hard digestion, and the dog gets only high nutritional value. This is by far considered as one of the best dog food for allergies who find it difficult to digest raw meat.
    A dog’s nutritional balance and procedure of absorption are considerably different when compared with humans. Choose premium and best dog food for allergies for your dog that keeps your dog's digestion smooth and enhances his/her health. Consult a veterinary doctor before using a new product for your dog.
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  • Can a dog have a sensitive stomach - Can choosing the right food help
    Just like human beings, dogs with a sensitive stomach also experience an occasional stomach upset. Lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, hyper-salivation, excess gas, soft stool, diarrhea, blood in stool and decreased mobility can be some of the common symptoms. Before you begin searching for ways to deal with the situation and finding the best dog food for the sensitive stomach, it is imperative that you get to the cause first. You need to figure out what is upsetting your dog’s stomach. Some dogs are allergic or are sensitive to specific food or the ingredient it contains. It also could be a sign of a severe underlying condition. Therefore, it is better you clarify all doubts by booking an appointment with a veterinary doctor and get your dog thoroughly examined. If the cause of your dog’s sensitive stomach is the oversensitivity to specific ingredients, your next step should be to figure out that particular ingredient. To avoid giving your dog anything that could upset its sensitive stomach, you can get home the best dog food for the sensitive stomach. Following are some of the numerous available options that you can consider for your pet:
    • Whole Earth Farms grain-free recipe dry dog food Whole Earth Farms grain-free recipe is a superb choice that you can make for keeping your dog’s sensitive stomach healthy. The brand specializes in creating quality and affordable pet food using wholesome ingredients from the Earth.
    • Wellness Simple Series If you are trying to seek the best dog food for the sensitive stomach of your pet, you can count on the Wellness Simple Series, as it offers hypoallergenic food of the highest quality. You can be spoilt for choice, as the brand offers a wide range of dog foods. Based on your requirement, your dog’s condition, and your budget, you can choose the best dog food.
    • Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food is ideal for dogs that have a sensitive stomach. The lamb-based single protein natural dry food has a unique digestive health support system that includes healthy fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. All these digestive health supporters mixed with high-quality natural ingredients in this dog food enhance absorption and utilization of vital nutrients in the dog’s body.
    • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food This limited-ingredient diet formula is the best dog food for a sensitive stomach that you can find in the market. Prepared with a limited list of premium protein and carbohydrate sources, the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Dog Food can be an excellent choice if you are seeking alternative ingredients for your pet. Besides supporting digestive health, this dog food promotes healthy skin and a shiny and luxurious coat as well.
    • Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food As many dogs have grain sensitivities, pet parents choose grain-free dog foods. If your dog also is sensitive to grains, you can get Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food for your pet. Containing no corn, soy, wheat, and gluten ingredients, it can improve the gastrointestinal health of your dog while avoiding grain sensitivities. It is easy to digest, and the high levels of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids in the dog food make skin and the coat of dogs healthy and shiny. The dog food also has high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, which work wonders for maintaining healthy hips and joints of dogs. Therefore, you can improve the sensitive stomach of your dog with this nutritious dog food.
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  • Top 10 wet cat food brands to choose from
    Are you a proud owner of a cute kitten? Then there are certain things that you cannot miss while taking care of it in the best possible way. The kitten requires the right nutritional food in the right amount to ensure proper health of it. Also, you need to be sure about the water intake of your cat as well. There are many health benefits of feeding your cat with best-canned foods that are wet in content. While you provide wet food, you can be sure the cat also gets water content from the food along with the nutrition. So, it not only provides nutrition but water as well. If you are looking forward to buy the best-canned food for cats, here is a classified list of some of the wet cat food brands that might be handy:
    • Halo Spot’s Stew If your cat loves meat-based canned food, this makes a good choice. It is free of preservatives and comes with low carbohydrate content. That means it does not include grain content.
    • Nature’s Variety Instinct The second in the list of best-canned food for cats in the wet category is the Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Cat Food. As the name suggests, it does not include grains and includes a rich content of protein. The ingredients are major meat, along with fruits and vegetables.
    • Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken In Chicken Consomme This is made out of wholesome ingredients that include seafood as well as sliced meat. It gives your kitten natural flavors of the ingredients. It also contains sunflower oil as an additional ingredient.
    • Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food This is comparatively a costly option, but still one of the best-canned food for cats. The food is heavy in meat with essential nutrients and water content to make your cat healthy and active.
    • Soulistic Can Cat Food Formula This will make a preferable choice if you are looking forward to feeding the cat with high-quality protein in natural flavors. It provides complete nutrition for your cat, and that’s why a large percentage of cat owners rate it as the best-canned food for cats.
    • I and love and you- All Natural Canned Cat Food Cat-owners often recommend this product because of its nutritional value. It contains absolutely no grains, and your cat will like it for sure. It’s available in different flavors like meat, salmon, turkey, etc.
    • Solid Gold Holistic Meat & Gravy Canned The major ingredients in this product are water, canola oil, tuna, tapioca, tricalcium phosphate, etc. It’s available in different varieties like sardine & tuna shreds, shrimp & tuna shreds, etc.
    • Wild Calling Wet Cat Food The brand is famous for producing best-canned food for cats since many years. The major highlight of the product is that it is made of meat fortified with vital nutrients. It is also supplemented with the liver of the chicken and other required nutrients for your cat.
    • Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Duck Goose Cat Food This company has produced feline foods with healthy ingredients that are raw. It includes poultry, fruits, vegetables, and comes in a natural flavor. It’s specifically made based on the cat’s natural diet. You can be ensured of proper nutrition if you are providing your cat with this wet food.
    • Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food Last in the list of best-canned food for cats is the ZIwipeak Canned Cat Food. It is recommended if you are looking for a product suited for weight-management in your cat. The main ingredient in this product is rabbit or lamb. It came free of any additional preservatives and produced from natural raw materials.
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