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Cholesterol Level Charts for Adults and Children

It is extremely important to balance the cholesterol levels in the body. There are three different categories in which it is measured—LDL or “bad cholesterol,” HDL or “good cholesterol,” and total cholesterol. The cholesterol levels in the body vary with gender, age, and weight. Adults should check their cholesterol levels every 4 to 6 years. As one ages, the body tends to produce more cholesterol. This typically means that adults have higher cholesterol levels than children. Mentioned below is a cholesterol levels age chart which will help you determine whether your cholesterol levels chart is okay or above the normal range.

Cholesterol levels age chart for adults

  • The total cholesterol levels for an adult should be less than 200 mg/dL. If your reading is between 200 and 239 mg/dL, it is still okay. Anything above 240 mg/dL is considered as high and potentially dangerous.
  • Maintaining low LDL levels is important. The LDL levels for an adult should be less than 100 mg/dL. If your LDL range is between 100 to 129 mg/dL, it is acceptable for people with little to no health issues. A reading of 130 to 159 mg/dL is borderline high, while a reading of 160 to 189 mg/dL is high. Anything about 190 mg/dL is considered very high and could be potentially dangerous.
  • Maintaining high HDL levels is key. A reading of less than 40 mg/dL can lead to heart diseases. Optimal readings range above 60 mg/dL. The higher the reading, the better it is.

Cholesterol levels age chart for children

  • Total cholesterol levels for a child should be less than 170 mg/dL. If your child’s range is between 170 to 199 mg/dL, it is borderline high. Anything above 200 mg/dL is considered very high and could be potentially dangerous.
  • LDL levels in children should be lower than those of adults. The optimal range is anywhere less than 110 mg/dL. Borderline high levels are 110 to 129 mg/dL while anything above 130 mg/dL is considered as high.

The cholesterol levels age chart mentioned in the above list will help you maintain a balance between LDL and HDL levels in the body. Most people struggle to maintain this balance. The total cholesterol and LDL levels should be kept low while having good HDL levels is a great sign as it can offer some protection against the risk of developing heart-related diseases like strokes and heart attacks. Do visit a doctor regularly and ensure to get a check-up and take necessary steps to know that your cholesterol levels age chart is age appropriate.

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