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Everything you need to know about Verizon prepaid phones

Verizon’s prepaid plans have captured a good share of the prepaid users with its attractive offers. Their popular plans include their unlimited phone plans – Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited.

Verizon prepaid plans are easy and convenient to get as it does not involve any contract, credit check, or even activation fee. The plans are available in different price ranges to suit the needs of different kinds of users.

The plans for Verizon prepaid phones are broadly of two kinds – the plans for smartphones which includes data along with calls and texting and the plans for phones other than smartphones. The latter does not include the data feature and has only minutes and texting.

There are four kinds of smartphone plans for Verizon prepaid phones based on the amount of data it provides. These plans provide 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB and the unlimited plan. All these plans offer unlimited minutes and texting. The cost for the unlimited data plans start at USD 75 and the other plans with limited data start at USD 35 for a month and can go up to USD 70 for a month. For users with basic Verizon prepaid phones, the unlimited plan is priced at USD 30 a month. This plan has unlimited calling and texting features.

There are pros and cons of every carrier and the services they offer. Understanding the pros and cons only help the consumer make an informed choice. The only drawback for Verizon prepaid phones in comparison to contract phones is that these are more expensive.

The phones and phone plans are beneficial only if one gets a good network coverage wherever he/she goes. Without coverage, spending money on such lucrative deals is futile. However, this is not an area that Verizon users need to worry about as the carrier offers network coverage throughout the country.

Whether you need to opt for a prepaid plan or a contract one from Verizon will depend on your phone usage. Keep your usage in consideration when shopping for phones and phone plans.

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