Factors to consider when picking the right restaurant shoes

Restaurant workers face their own distinct set of difficulties and problems and having the right pair of work shoes that assures safety is crucial because the job gets even more challenging at that juncture. Here are two distinct factors that a restaurant shoe should always be looked at before picking them:

Slip resistance
One of the most common issues with restaurant floors is that
you are always at the risk of slipping and falling at any point due to a newly
mopped floor, or naturally slippery floor due to refrigerator leakage. While
working in a restaurant if you do not wear slip-resistant shoes, the
chances of you having a slip and fall accident increase. When
shopping for restaurant shoes, it’s essential to remember that all slip-resistant shoes are different. When you pick a restaurant shoe to ensure that you
pick one only if it meets at least a .40 COF on the Brungrabber Mark II test,
failing which the anti-slip property may be lacking or ineffective.

One other factor to consider when picking your restaurant shoes is the comfort. At the end of a bustling day at the restaurant, you can feel miserable due to the pain in your feet. When you are prone to be on your feet for more than 8 hours a day, then you have to ensure that you have the right pair of shoes to ensure you do not end up grumpy and sore. There are two basic things that determine the comfort of your shoe – one is upper and the other is the insole in the restaurant shoe.

Upper is nothing but the portion of the shoe fabric covering the upper-side.
Usually, the material used for the uppers is suede, leather, action leather,
canvas, mesh, rubber, or nylon. In order to ensure that you pick the right shoe,
you need to evaluate your environment and decide the best one that aligns with the comfort of your feet in that environment you are bound to work in. For
example, if you work in a restaurant kitchen and run the danger of spilling hot
liquids from cooking on your feet, you should avoid a shoe with a mesh upper
and opt for something more substantial, like leather. The same applies to the
insole as well, you can pick between full cushion, extra cushion, plain
cushioned, and impact-zone padded shoes.

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