Five popular types of hospital beds for home

Hospital beds are a necessity for those who have to spend most of their time in bed. They are designed for the ultimate comfort of the user. The beds have adjustable portions, which can also be controlled by a remote handset in some of the cases. There are some features, which are specially incorporated in hospital beds for the benefit of its users. Let us see some of the types of hospital beds for home and their advantages and disadvantages.

Manual hospital beds for home: The manual beds come with adjustable head rest and leg raise portions, but they have to be done manually with the help of hand cranks.

  • Advantage: The manual beds are more economical than the electrical and semi-electrical ones, but have the same features as them. The only difference is that the positions have to be changed manually.
  • Disadvantage: All adjustments starting from lowering of head or foot to the adjusting of bed height has to be done manually. This can be laborious if the adjustments have to be made often, as it requires great physical strength.

Semi-electric beds: Semi-electric beds are a more convenient option than manual beds when you are choosing hospital beds for home. The adjustments are made with the help of an electric motor.

  • Advantage: The semi-electric beds are cheaper than the fully-electric ones and are also provided with the feature of remote-controlled adjustments.
  • Disadvantage: The height adjustment still has to be done manually in the semi-electric beds and this requires a lot of physical strength.

Fully-electric beds: Fully-electric hospital beds are similar to the semi-electric ones except that the height adjustment is also remote-controlled.

  • Advantage: All the features are remote-controlled, so you don’t have to give in any physical strength. It is the best option for those users who have the habit of leaving the bed in short intervals.
  • Disadvantage: It is quite expensive and will cost you more than the manual and semi-electric beds.

Hi-low hospital beds for home: The hi-low hospital beds for home are the best option, if the user has a tendency to fall off the bed. The bed deck is only at a height of seven inches from the floor.

  • Advantage: The low height of the bed ensures the safety of the patient and reduces the risks of injuries if the patient falls off. The auto-rise feature that they have is an additional advantage for the user and also the other family members as no physical effort is required.
  • Disadvantage: The hi-low beds are slightly costlier than the electric ones.

Bariatric beds: Bariatric beds are also a good option while choosing hospital beds for home. They have wider frames than the usual hospital beds.

  • Advantage: The bariatric beds are more durable and are specially designed to support patients in the range of 350 lbs to 1000 lbs.
  • Disadvantage: Because of its strong make, it is costlier than the other standard hospital beds.

Since there is a wide range of choices, opt for the bed that suits your requirements better, using the basic understanding gained from the guidelines provided.

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