Get all types of beds with Linthorpe beds

Beds of different types are available at Linthorpe beds. But before buying them, you must know what they are and how do they serve you. So for your convenience, here are some types of beds and their features.

By divans, you should not imagine something shabby and mainstream. The Linthorpe beds manufacture divan sets like you have never seen before. Their divans are beautifully carved with matching headboards and upholstered bases. They are available in myriad colors and at different prices. Some divans have pocket spring which increases the durability of the mattress. They also manufacture some firm divans which are best suited for those who want bedding at a cheaper price. If you have limited space in your room then a divan is the thing you should go for. It is also provided with storage spaces to utilize the space efficiently.

Slatted bases
Bedsteads are often accompanied by slatted bases. They are available in two options rigid and flexible. If you are confused about the slat spaces then our experts will help you out. The wrong slat spacing can affect your mattress badly so always take care to make the right decision.

Whether you want bedsteads designed in the traditional classic style or the modern style, Linthorpe Beds have them all. They are available in a wide range of materials ranging from metal, wood, plastic and upholstered materials. All of them are equally aesthetic and provide good support.

Adjustable beds
With bedrooms evolving continuously as a multi-functional area, adjustable beds are gaining more and more popularity. People these days prefer their breakfast or their morning tea in bed itself. At the end of a tiring day no one likes to sit on a sofa, and rather prefer to go to bed and watch TV from there. They also spend time on their tablets and laptops relaxing in their bed. For all these purposes nothing can be better than the adjustable beds.

They are even good for several medical conditions. You can also keep your leg raised with the help of adjustable beds.

A wide variety of adjustable beds are available at Linthorpe beds. Numerous styling choices are available. Whether you want a traditional divan outlook or a contemporary bedstead, Linthorpe beds have just the right adjustable bed for you.

For those who have pain in their legs or back portions, there is good news for you! You can install a massage device into your adjustable beds that will give you a soothing massage. And the best thing is that they are available in both single and double sizes. Some of them even have 5 different adjusting portions.

So, now that you know everything about types of beds, you must have decided which one you want. So, don’t waste time and go to Linthorpe Beds to turn your bedroom into your ultimate sanctuary. You can easily decide on what you need by browsing the website and get the product delivered at your doorstep!

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