Get These Super Affordable ASICS Running Shoes Today

ASICS is a popular Japanese company that specializes in sports apparel, equipment, and footwear, especially running shoes. Their high-quality footwear is known all over the world. Their footwear collection, especially ASICS running shoes, is what draws people to the brand. It is known to provide some of the best shoes in the market at present and comes at the top when it comes to the performance of its footwear. Although the shoes cost is on the higher end, ASICS does have discounts going on.

Low-priced ASICS running shoes for men

Listed below are ASICS running and walking shoes that reasonably priced in the men’s range.

Gel Venture 6

These running shoes cost around $50 and come with the ability to absorb shock and are ideal for walking. You can walk on any terrain type with comfort and the best traction.

GT 1000 S

This pair of ASICS running shoes cost around $59. They are each built with a mesh that allows your foot to breathe. It is ideal for long-period runs and has a great fit for better comfort.


These shoes cost about $59, have a raw look to them, and are great for everyday wear. You can wear these to work as they provide all-day protection. They are also highly durable.


This pair of ASICS running shoes cost about $30. They have a mesh upper layer for breathability of your feet. They are lightweight, have excellent performance, and have an enhanced fit.

Gel-Contend 4

These ASICS running shoes cost $50 and provide stability to your feet. They have a cushioning system that helps keep your feet in position. They can be used for all-day wear.

Inexpensive ASICS Running Shoes For Women

Listed below are ASICS running and walking shoes that reasonably priced in the women’s range.


These shoes cost about $35 and are weightless, which helps keep your feet cool at all times. They repel dirt so that you can use it for long walks in all kinds of terrain.

Gel Cumulus 18

These shoes cost around $59, are ideal for runners, and allow smooth transitions. They are highly durable and enhance the way you run. These shoes reduce the chances of friction.

Gel Cumulus 18 G-Tx

These running shoes for women cost around $59. They are developed for extreme conditions and come with brilliant durability. They are also waterproof and perform well under any condition.

FuzeX Rush

This pair of ASICS shoes costs around $60 and are perfect for running if you are looking for a lightweight option. They also provide shock absorption to the rear foot, providing great comfort.

Gel-DS Trainer 22

These shoes for women cost about $65. They have an improved fitting so that the shoes are comfortable around your feet. They maintain traction and are stable, providing support for the platform.

Affordable ASICS Running Shoes For Kids

Listed below are ASICS running and walking shoes that reasonably priced in the children’s range.

GT-1000 5 GS

These shoes for kids cost approximately $35. They are cushioned to provide comfort to the feet so that they don’t hurt. They also have enhanced support for the feet and are stable for kids’ feet.

Pre-Contend 4PS

These running shoes for kids are priced at about $40. They can be used for everyday usage. They can be easily worn and taken off. These shoes are highly durable and provide flexibility.

Noosa PS

These shoes cost around $45. They are made for active children who love to run around all the time. They help reduce the impact on the foot and reduce irritation to the front of the foot.

School Yard TS

These ASICS shoes for kids cost around $50. They ensure kids can securely put them on with ease. They provide excellent traction and provide an excellent fit for kids’ feet.

Kanmei PS

This pair of shoes by ASICS costs around $50. They are weightless and are comfortable. They can be used for long-distance runs and come with a seamless construction for better fit.
You can get ASICS shoes from their official website. They have a huge collection for men, women, and kids. Get your pair of quality ASICS shoes today and start with a morning walk.

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