Guide to Choosing the Dress for the Mother of the Bride

Seeing your little angel getting married will be the happiest moment of your life. You might be waiting for this day ever since you noticed her growing into a young adult. It is a big day for every mother when her daughter starts a new journey of life with her partner by her side. But at the beginning of this journey, you wish to be by her side, embracing her out of love. This day would be amongst those few most precious moments of your life. Therefore, you would surely wish to look the most elegant lady of the ceremony, right after your daughter.

But are you confused about what to wear? In order to sort out this confusion, read on to know how to select a mother of the bride dress.

Selecting mother of the bride dress

The older traditions say that you must always buy your dress before the mother of the groom. Not only this, you are also expected to cordially inform the mother of the groom about your outfit so as to avoid attire clash. But if you feel the dresses will neither clash nor mismatch, it’s ok to keep it a secret until the wedding day.

But do remember, it is a special day for your daughter; so it’s better to coordinate with her before buying your attire. This will help her in complementing her attire with yours so as to dress up different from bridesmaids and from all other guests.

Always dress up according to the theme of the party. If the theme is formal, wear a long, full-length dress like a gown or a trouser dress. But if the theme is semi-formal or casual, you can opt for a short knee-length frock or one-piece. For the color theme, consult the bride and try to complement your color with hers. If she is wearing white, choose a light color like peach, cream or silver, but leave the specific white for her. If you have planned to wear black, do ask your daughter her opinion about it. Maybe, she may not prefer black on her special day.

Decide your dress according to the time of the wedding. In case, the wedding is in the morning or during the daytime, you may prefer a casual short dress. But if it is in the evening, the dress must be long and can be a little glossy or bright in color. It is better to complement the color of the bride and not the bridesmaids.

Dos and Don’ts for the mother of the bride dress

Do follow the theme of the wedding, be it a dress theme or color theme. Remember, you are the mother of the bride. So try to look elegant and appropriate.

Don’t match the bride’s dress or bridesmaids dress. Keep your dress and makeup elegant. After all, it’s your daughter’s day. If the mother of the bride dress is more stylish with a deep neckline or back, she’ll exert a pull on everyone’s eye and this will be a little awkward moment for the bride or groom.

Do pay attention to your accessories and try to match them with your dress. As the mother of the bride dress has to be special, all her other accessories should also be elegant, giving her a sophisticated look. Ladies generally focus on their dress but forget about their accessories. Don’t ever make that mistake. Plan what earrings, bracelets, sandals, and purse you are going to pair up with your dress. Look for any addition or change if required.

Don’t follow the old tradition that says that the mother of the bride dress must be frumpy. It is an injustice to yourself if you follow this tradition and dress up in an unfashionable outfit. Don’t do that anyway. You must be waiting for this day even more eagerly than your daughter is; so why not look happening and sassy? Get yourself a new designer dress with all the necessary accessories and make yourself look the second-most beautiful woman of the day.

So get ready to shop your new dress for your princess’s wedding. Remember, you are never too old for fashion. Though it is not your wedding, it is obviously a day to recall that beautiful day of your life. So get yourself a new well-designed and beautifully accessorized mother of the bride dress from the nearest wedding-attire store and give yourself an appealing look.

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