How to Choose Clothes to Look Your Best

Clothing began as a way to protect the human body from external elements and gradually became a social norm. Women’s clothing has evolved over the past centuries into modern, colorful, glamorous choices that exist today. It is now a way to look gorgeous, flaunt your curves and show off your unique style.

In order to choose clothes that make you look great, it is important to find the perfect women’s clothing that flatter your body shape, and colors that look good on you. This can be tricky, as the enormous number of options available in women’s clothes can make this task challenging. When you go to a store, the sheer varieties of styles, sizes, and colors of women’s clothing that’s available can be mind-boggling.

Here are some factors to help you decide how to pick what looks great on you:

Know your body shape and measurements

Clothes can be used to make body aspects look more flattering or less noticeable, based on your body shape. Your body shape could be bulky around the middle, pear-shaped (larger at the bottom), evenly proportioned, or straight from top to bottom.

Pick your clothes to accentuate your curves or hide bulky parts. Loose clothes hide the shape, while well-fitting clothes will accentuate it. You also need to know your measurements when you pick clothing, such as bust, waist, hip and inseam measurements.

Decide the features you want to emphasize

Patterns, waist styles, hemlines etc. can be used to accentuate your best features. For instance, vertical lines make you look thinner, while horizontal lines make you look wider. Bright patterns can highlight areas such as your bust, while solid colors can make areas such as a bulky waist seem less noticeable.

Fit and color

Buy clothing that is well-fitted. Do not go for clothing that you hope to fit into later. Buy colors that look great on you and suit your skin tone.

Budget and quality

Decide on your budget. Well-made clothes are usually more expensive, but they last longer. Items on sale may not always be of the best quality. It is a good idea to check the seams and linings before you buy, as well-stitched seams and lined garments are a good indicator of quality.

Own all the Basics

Make sure you have a few classic pieces that go with everything. For example, a fitted pair of neutral colored pants can be made dressy or professional with a jacket, blouse or scarf. A solid skirt could be used as work wear with a neutral or contrasting top, but also can be used for an outing with accessories such as a necklace, sequined jacket, and high heels.

Choose the correct fabric and styles

Each type of fabric falls differently on the body and this can make or break a look. Fabrics with spandex will hug your curves and accentuate them, while flowing and pleated fabrics can hide unsightly bulges. An A-line dress will emphasize the waist, whereas a pencil skirt could make your waist look tinier and hips curvier.

Accessorize well

The right accessories can enhance your outfit and emphasize the right curves. For example, a wide belt on a dress can show off your waistline in a flattering way. High-heels can make your legs look longer and well shaped. Necklaces or long earrings can draw attention to the shoulders.

Wear well-fitted undergarments and shapewear

Poorly fitting undergarments can spoil the look of a gorgeous outfit. Ensure that your wear well-fitted undergarments and avoid ones that show lingerie lines. Shapewear is a great option for those who want to hide unsightly bulges. Shapewear comes in several varieties and can be worn under any kind of outfit.

Avoid ill-fitted women’s clothing

Poorly fitting clothes are not flattering and will hide your body’s natural beauty. Whether you are skinny, normal, or bulky, well-fitted clothes will make you look your best.

Mix and match

When you buy a piece of clothing, think about what dress in your wardrobe would go well with it. If you do not have something to wear it with, it will be a piece of clothing that remains unused. Also, discard or donate the clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear. This will make choosing new ones a lot simpler.

Women’s clothing has unlimited options and infinite combinations. Be it tops, dresses, work wear, party wear, jeans, jackets, skirts, coats or swimwear, there is always that one color, pattern, fit, and style that will look amazing on you.

Once you have picked an outfit that you love, wear it with confidence!

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