Anti Aging
How to pick the right anti-aging product for you

As your approach mid-forties, a realization of sorts sets in. You start noticing more changes in your skin hair and body and realize that you probably need to add something more to your beauty routine that a splash of coconut oil and the occasional oatmeal scrub. And while there’s no dearth of anti-aging products in the markets from the best anti wrinkle serums to the best moisturizing lotions and while you might be bombarded with these bottled potions in forms of moisturizer lotion samples and more, here’s what you need to remember before you go ahead and splurge on anti-ageing products.

Understand your skin type: What has been your skin type through your twenties and thirties? Oily, combination, dry, sensitive, or normal skin? One shouldn’t always go by the myth that mature skin needs more moisture. While this might be true, you still need to invest in the kind of moisturizer your skin needs- it can be of creamy consistency, gel type that gets absorbed quickly, or a night time oil for more pampering and reverse any lasting damage.

What are your main concerns: Do you have crow’s feet or is puffy under eyes your problem? Do you have dark spots or is the appearance or fine lines a problem? A consultation with the dermatologist won’t hurt. If the brighter skin is what you are after, then products with retinol are what you might want. If you want to treat fine lines, then go for natural moisturizing extracts like jojoba, avocado or shea butter.

Body care: You need to pick the right kind of moisturizer for your body too. If you want to improve your skin’s texture, then it might be an oil you need or you might need the right cream for your cellulite problems.

Hair care: The same goes for your hair. Today a variety of anti-ageing products are available for aging hair. Pick the right one depending on whether on not you are coloring it, or if you are facing hair thinning or you simply want your hair to be stronger.

Your face and body ages with time. But with the right care, diet and exercise, you can look and feel young without a fuss. But remember, the key to aging, is to age gracefully and not end up looking like someone who is trying hard. The combination of right lifestyle changes and products should do it!

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