Burial Caskets
How to pick the right casket for a funeral ceremony?

It is imperative that you select the right casket for your loved one’s final journey. While you are occupied doing so, you must keep a few things in your mind when you are purchasing one.

Type of casket You must determine whether the body is going to be cremated or buried. If the body is going to be cremated, then mostly a simple wooden casket will be available. On the other hand, if the body has to be buried then there are several options that you can choose from. Hardwood, cloth, copper, bronze, stainless steel, biodegradable, cardboard, veneered wood, etc. are some commonly used materials in caskets. If the size of the casket is your concern, then you need not worry, as it is crafted in diverse sizes as well.

Customization It is quite natural that you may want to personalize the casket. It could be the incorporation of special designs or inclusion of compact drawers, where you could keep mementos or photographs. So, ensure that the seller you are buying the casket from helps you customize it.

Cost Usually the most expensive kind of caskets are metal caskets. This is because they are highly durable. Although they cannot stop the body from decomposing, they prevent the entrance of water or air in the coffin, allowing the remains to alter on their own. If you are inclined towards the traditional form of funeral, then you can consider wooden caskets, which can cost around $2000 to $8000. Similarly, if there are any budget constraints one can also consider cloth or wood veneer caskets, as they are comparatively quite inexpensive.

Mostly one can buy a casket from a funeral home, where the funeral director will guide you about the various types of caskets they are offering. Although it isn’t mandatory that you must buy a casket from a funeral home. If you wish you can purchase it directly from the casket producer. As prescribed by the Funeral Rule, the respective funeral director must accept the directly purchased casket without levying any kind of additional fees.

If you want an environmentally friendly option, then you can rent a casket too. These kinds of caskets are just utilized during the display part of the funeral ceremony. The body is kept in a simple wooden box, which is then placed inside the rental casket for viewing purposes. You can avail this option at a funeral home or from a casket retailer.

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