How to prevent a runny nose

A runny nose is a condition where there is a continuous discharge of mucus from the nasal cavity. It is one of the symptoms of cold, flu or certain seasonal allergies. A Runny nose remedy can be achieved through medications or with ingredients available at home. It can hamper your everyday work, so remedies that show an immediate effect are preferred. A runny nose in children, especially small children, make them irritable and cranky which can make the situation very difficult for parents.

Ways to prevent a runny nose

  • The best runny nose remedy is to be careful and ensure that you are not exposed to allergens and irritants that may cause it.
  • A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercises will help keep diseases at bay and in turn keep away symptoms such as a runny nose
  • A runny could also be a symptom of sinusitis. If you have sinusitis, getting it treated with regular medication can help you prevent this condition
  • The intake of fluids when you fall sick is also seen to be a good runny nose remedy
  • During the flu or any other infection, periodic steam therapy to clear your nasal and throat cavity will help to keep a runny nose at bay. This therapy helps in removing or clearing the mucus that is accumulated and being discharged from the nose and throat.
  • Making honey a part of your diet can be a beneficial and can be used as a runny nose remedy. 2 tablespoons of honey when taken regularly will not only help to improve your health as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties but can also help in weight loss. Consistency is a key though; you will need to use it continuously for a long period.
  • Stress may also be one of the causes of a runny nose, keeping yourself stress-free would be beneficial to improving your health.Prevention is always better than cure. Certain lifestyle changes and inclusions of a certain food can help you prevent a runny nose. Don’t let it ruin your day or work life. Keep healthy and keep illnesses at bay.
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