Popular ETFs to choose from

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) allow investors to build an investment portfolio at low cost. ETF is a marketable security which tracks a commodity or an index and the prices of the same constantly change. Most ETFs include index funds that track a collection of securities. Before you make an investment, it is best to choose the right fund that fits your needs. Here are some of the top ETF picks for 2018 to buy. You can choose from high-dividend ETFs as well and determine which ETF is the best for you.

SPDR® S&P 500®
This is one of the best ETFs with a rating of A+ and a holding cost of around $154. It holds assets worth around $254 billion.

iShares Core S&P 500
This is another popular ETF with an A+ rating and assets of around $146.7 billion. It has a holding cost of around $63.

Vanguard Total Stock Market
This is an A+ rated ETF fund with a holding cost of around $35 and assets summing up to around $94.6 billion.

PowerShares QQQ
This is another popular ETF with an A+ rating and assets worth around $62.1 billion with a holding cost of around $324.

iShares Core MSCI EAFE
This is one of the top-rated A+ funds with assets of around $58.8 billion and a holding cost of around $64.

ETF funds may be divided into stocks, bonds, and commodities. You need to choose the best ETF based on your long-term financial goals and your risk appetite. If you have a low-risk appetite, it is best to go for debt funds whereas if you are willing to bear a high risk, it is ideal to opt for stock funds. Whatever your budget, you will be able to find the best ETF that fits your needs. Consider the amount you want to invest and choose the best ETFs for the same.

There are different ways in which you may evaluate an ETF fund before buying it. Pick a fund and learn how the ETF follows it. It is important to look at the average daily trading volume on an ETF investment. As a beginner, you need to create a diversified investment portfolio which focuses on the long-term growth of your fund. Evaluate your risk appetite and weigh your investment options before you decide on a fund. Check the fund’s liquidity grade, especially if you are planning to exit the market early. The best option will be to choose a balanced fund if you have a long investment tenure and a strong risk appetite.

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