Reasons Why GPS Tracking Systems are The Need of The Hour

Global positioning system or GPS is a popular technology used in asset management such as equipment, vehicles, and personnel. It is created and maintained by the government and it can be availed by anyone having a GPS receiver. Fleet GPS tracking systems utilize the GPS technology to establish the position of vehicles. It allows the management professionals to use the assets judiciously and reduce costs thereby improving productivity.

Fleet GPS tracking systems are used exclusively worldwide in the transportation and trucking industry. GPS is believed to be a practical, safe and efficient system to manage the vehicle fleet. GPS sends transmissions to satellites which are then received by receiver units.

What are the benefits of Fleet GPS tracking systems?
Have a look at the few benefits offered by GPS tracking systems in the transportation industry:

  • Time saver: Time plays an important role in our lives and those in the transportation business will vouch for this. Your fleet may get stuck in traffic for several minutes or hours on some occasions. With the help of fleet GPS tracking systems, your managers will be able to guide you and ask you to avoid busy roads in real-time.
  • Reduces downtime: A reduced downtime enables a transportation company to improve its profitability and productivity. With the help of an efficient GPS system, you can schedule your trips more proficiently, improve the productivity and thus reduce the downtime.
  • Better use of resources: Fleet GPS tracking systems not only allow you to monitor vehicles but also get a real-time, comprehensive information about engine idling, fuel usage, driver behavior, etc. All this information helps you use your resources efficiently and save money.
  • Lowers operating costs: A good GPS tracking system will enable you to choose the shortest route having less traffic. This will not only help reduce fuel consumption but also avoid the unnecessary over-time cost.
  • Lowers insurance costs: If you aren’t aware then you should know that insurance companies offer special discounts of up to 35% on your premium amount if your vehicle is equipped with a GPS system. Doesn’t it make a great benefit of fleet GPS tracking systems?
  • Get the most from your vehicle: Your fleet manager can get data from the GPS tracking software and help reduce fuel consumption, reduce over-speeding and eliminate any idle time. All this helps you get the most from your vehicle and help your business prosper.
  • Manage drivers and field staff effectively: Fleet managers can obtain data from the GPS system and analyze it to manage the staff and drivers effectively. In short, managers are able to take corrective measures wherever it is needed.
  • Keep customers happy: Loyalty of customers is important for the success of any transportation business. GPS tracking systems will allow your fleet to respond to service calls efficiently and get to your customers on time. This will ensure you build a loyal clientele in due course of time and eventually improve your business.
  • Optimize your budget: Fleet managers can analyze the data obtained from the GPS system and also get a better understanding of the routes taken by the drivers. Managers can then analyze any profit or loss and decide on a budget accordingly.
  • Timely alerts: Fleet GPS tracking systems send an email or SMS alerts every time your vehicle goes out of the business zone. Additionally, the system can send notifications in case of accidents or other mishaps thereby allowing you to take any necessary action.

Some fleet tracking software systems are;

  • GPS Insight Tracking Solution
  • Fleet Maintenance Programs by ManagerPlus
  • Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR
  • ClearPathGPS
  • Agile FleetCommander
  • Azuga
  • Fleetio
  • myGeotab
  • Omnitracs
  • US Fleet Tracking

Overall, GPS tracking systems lower the risk of accidents, improve the utilization of the resources and enables the drivers to maintain good practices. All these benefits will ensure your business grows efficiently.

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