Simple home remedies for freckles

Are you by any chance one of those people who has been struggling with freckles and have no idea what to do about it? Freckles mar your complexion and stand in the way of you attaining a flawless skin tone. Do not despair as there are some wonderful remedies that will cure your freckles naturally.

Freckles are actually tiny light brown or tan colored multiple spots that appear on the part of the skin that is exposed to the sun. They are mostly triggered due to exposure to sunlight. This is usually a result of a hike in the melanin pigment manufacturing cells known as melanocytes. They normally target fair skinned people and are usually seen in areas like arms, nose, cheeks and the upper portion of the shoulders. There are a variety of treatments that can aid in getting rid of freckles or at least lightening these spots. Cosmetic treatments are available to treat these issues but they are very costly and the best option is trying out effective home remedies for the same.

Simple Home Cures for Freckles

Lime juice: This has been proven to be one of the most miraculous remedies for treating brown spots or freckles. Just massaging the affected skin areas with juice squeezed from a lemon twice daily for about fifteen minutes is known to work wonders for freckles.
Honey: Honey is a natural humectant and is an excellent cure for lightening pigmentation. It is known to be effective for freckles too. Heating honey to lukewarm temperature and applying it on affected parts every day for many weeks will guarantee that the freckles will fade off in time. Even honey mixed with yogurt is found to be an effective remedy for treating freckles.
Sour Cream: Sour cream has traces of lactic acid in it that is ideal to clear freckles. This is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. Just applying sour cream on the freckles areas and leaving to dry is recommended. However, take care not to wash it with water, just wiping off with a towel or tissue.
Red Onions: Onions have also been proven to work miracles on freckles. Onions have traces of sulphur that has excellent exfoliative properties that is excellent to cure freckles. Just slice an onion into thick pieces and massage it on the freckles areas daily till the freckles disappear. Even grating the juice of an onion and rubbing the juice over freckles is good enough.

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