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3 ways cut down expenses for college students

With our busy city lives and digital world, living on a budget can be quite difficult especially, when there is a new gadget, new movie or even a new fast-food joint that has opened in your neighborhood that you want to try out. Electronics are expensive, and maintenance of the same is another expensive process. Staying updated with the latest gadgets like cell phones can be difficult if you are struggling to make ends meet as a college student. And a cell phone is something without which it is difficult to survive. With many college students working as freelancers and taking up online courses, cell phones have become necessary. However, paying off huge cell phone bills is a challenge for many. Therefore, many college students, these days, apply for free government cell phones. Here are some ways in which you can save money.

  • Apply for a free government cell phone
    If you are a student working to pay off a student loan, in a busy city, any money saved, be it on food, travel or electronics, adds up to your emergency savings. The government provides free government cell phones to all those who are in dire need of funds in their everyday lives, especially those who fall in the low-income group. The government ensures all your cell phone bills are borne by them. So, you can use the phone to make free calls and send texts within the country. With free government cell phones, you can save money instead of spending it on cellular data and calls.
  • Sign up as a product reviewer
    If you are well versed in technology, current products, trends and are willing to expand your knowledge further, you can sign up as a product reviewer for various gadget, products and service brands. You can review these gadgets, products, services, etc. and write up on them online or start your own YouTube channel or website/blog with these reviews. When brands take notice of your content, they approach you with freebies and gadgets to review! A lot of brands these days also pay you for reviewing their products! It’s a complete win-win situation for you.
  • Sign up for loyalty programmes
    Loyalty programmes are the best for people on a budget, especially for students. Local cafes, libraries, and grocery stores have loyalty programmes where you can shop for a certain number of products and earn loyalty points. These loyalty points add up to give you discounts on your purchases. Cafeterias have loyalty systems where you can buy a few meals and get the 5th one or the 10th one free. This helps you save up on meals and groceries which help you in savings. Libraries offer heavy discounts to students as well which further help in cutting back on expenses.
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