Things to look for while renting a truck

Truck rentals will help you to relax when you are relocating from one place to another. There are various factors you need to keep in mind while renting a truck. It is also essential to take care of your items when renting a truck.

You need to create a packing plan which will help you to determine the type of truck you might need for the purpose. In this article, you will go through some important tips which will help you to choose the right truck rental service for your next move.

The right size
The truck should be able to accommodate all your belongings but should not end up utilizing your entire garage space. Most rental companies offer a wide variety of truck sizes so it is important to choose the right size for your truck rentals. Truck rental companies offer you easy solutions when it comes to choosing the right size of the truck you require for your purpose. There are also several online truck size estimator sites which will help you determine the correct size of the truck you need. If you make a mistake regarding the size of your truck it can result in an additional loss of money.

Estimate your cost and compare rates
You need to conduct a personal survey to estimate the prevailing market rate for your truck rentals. You should also confirm whether the gasoline charges are included in the rental offer and then negotiate your paying terms. Rental companies typically charge by the hour and you need to pay extra if you go the extra mile. Different rental companies charge varying rates for trucks which are dependent on several factors. It is also important to estimate the money you are willing to shell out while opting for truck rental services. It will be easy to arrive at a definite budget if you calculate your cost factors well in advance.

Book early to avoid extra costs
You can get a much better deal if you book your truck well in advance. So, if you are planning to move, it is wiser to start looking for rental companies well in advance for your truck rentals. Timing your move is also important because rental truck rates tend to be high during the summer, that is, from May to September. You might be able to get a far better bargain if you plan to move during offseason.

Verify the reputation of your truck company
It is wiser to do thorough background research about the company you are about to zero in for your truck rentals. Check out the agency’s credentials on various platforms to see whether they have any complaints registered against them. Most reputed rental companies will offer you a detailed testimonial for their services which will help you judge the stature of your moving agency.

Check out the insurance policies
While renting a truck you should have adequate insurance coverage in addition to your renters and homeowners insurances. Your home and auto insurance might provide you some protection but it is essential to look for additional insurance coverage alternatives. There are various kinds of insurance services like damage waivers, liability insurance, and auto-towing protection which you might need for your truck rentals. Your truck company might also offer you some additional insurance coverage to protect your truck from damage. This insurance coverage depends upon the value of your goods you want to move, the weight of the goods and the distance you are likely to travel. So, it is better to ask for various insurance options available from your truck rental company.

Loading and unloading your truck
It is not possible to load and unload your packages all by yourself and thus it is better to ask for professional help for this service. Your truck rentals agency might provide expert loaders or you might have to arrange it yourself. You should also make sure that your truck has enough space for all your items to fit in without squeezing the materials. Pack your items in smaller numbers so that your belongings remain intact and in place. Most rental companies charge a cleaning fee for maintaining your truck and it is important to check it out with your rental agency before signing the agreement papers.

Return options calculations
There are some points that need consideration before choosing truck rentals. You need to check the amount of fuel filled in your truck because you will have to return the truck with the same amount of fuel otherwise you might be penalized. Also, some rental companies offer a refund for early returns of the truck; if you are done with your cargo unloading well before your estimated return, return the truck to get some discounts.

Renting a truck for moving your shipment is a tricky business because there are many parameters you need to consider. These pointers might help you to decide on the type of truck you should rent before shifting your goods.

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