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Things you should know about outdoor playsets

Over the past decade, children are getting attached to their tech-devices and are seldom seen playing outdoor games. One way to encourage them to go out and play habit is to install a good outdoor playset.

Real world fun with playsets
Many parents are afraid to send their kids out to play because they perceive increased threats to their safety. However, encouraging kids to play outside in safer environments like their own or a friend’s home can help children gain more confidence, learn to share and work together. It encourages them to think on their own and take independent decisions.

If you can afford it and have enough space in your home, you can buy outdoor playsets and install them in your front or backyard. You can have your children invite their friends over for playdates.

Outdoor playset options
Outdoor playsets come in many varieties. They range from the simple swing sets to elaborate playsets with swings, slides, decks, climbing walls, monkey bars, tunnels, sandboxes, forts, and rope ladders. You have a lot of choice in assembling a playset, choosing the modules you want. Outdoor playsets can be constructed of wood or metal, and have plastic components like swings and slides.

You can begin with a simple swing and slide set, and add more features as your child grows up – rope ladders, decks, climbing walls, different types of swings, forts, and so on, as per your child’s preference.

Setting it Up
The playsets are pre-fabricated, but you need to assemble them and install them on your premises. Most playsets do not require a deep into the ground installation. The framework is a freestanding stable wide base structure. This construction style also allows the playset to be moved to another place if necessary.

If you are not comfortable with installing the playset by yourself, you can call the vendor for a professional installation service. This will involve an additional charge and will add to the overall cost of the playset. For DIY enthusiasts, playsets come with excellent instructions and you may also be able to find video instructions on YouTube.

After setting it up, check again to make sure that the structure has been put together exactly as per the instructions, to ensure safety and durability of the playset.

In addition, ensure that there are six feet of clearance all around the edge of the playset. This region also needs to be filled with soft materials like sand, mulch etc., to a depth of 9 to 12 inches. This will help prevent serious injuries in case of a fall. Besides, this ensure that the slides and decks have a proper railing to prevent young children from slipping over the edge. Ensure that the corners and edges are rounded and soft, to prevent cuts and scratches.

Check the playsets regularly for loose bolts, nuts etc. and mend them at once. Metal or wood, schedule a proper maintenance and repair routine. Enforce safe play rules from a young age to prevent accidents caused by rough play at high levels in the playset.

Outdoor playsets offer a range of choices in the modules you want to install, they can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Use these outdoor playsets to encourage your children to go outside and play.


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