Top 3 plus size clothing brands online

Plus size clothing has gained a lot of significance and recognition lately. No more does a girl with curves need to settle when it comes to expressing herself through her clothes and style. There are various new brands that have come up with exclusive collections for plus size consumers.

Below are some of the popular online plus size clothing destinations you definitely would want to check out.

This brand was established in 2014 and it has been one of the leading plus size clothing brands in the digital world of fashion. They are one of the first companies that offered a personalized in-home shopping experience. The brand’s in-house stylists curate looks that are specifically tailored for their customers, and the customers can create a unique profile that is based on their individual sense of style, their budget, and their size. Later, they get these pieces to try on at home and they can send back whatever they don’t want to keep.

CoEdition is a new name to know in the plus size clothing industry and it is a contemporary multi-brand website that offers several products at an affordable price. Apart from shopping apparels from size 10-26, you can also shop for activewear, intimates, accessories, footwear, and swimwear. Also, the website is launching a forum where likeminded shoppers and influencers can share their inspiration, styling tips, etc. This website makes online shopping more fun, provides excellent customer service, and also offer solutions to everyday wardrobe problems.

After realizing that the plus size clothing needs are not being catered by the fashion industry, two plus-size fashion bloggers collaborated for the creation of Premme. The brand is known to provide fashion-forward styles to their curvy consumer. The plus-size clothing pieces here are available in “Premme sizes” 0-6, which is equivalent to 12-30 on a normal size chart. Premme aims at delivering same fashion options that are offered to the straight-size set to the plus-size consumers as well. They understand and believe that plus size consumers do not need to compromise on their choices and they have the freedom to express their personal sense of style.

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