Top selling car picks for 2016

While car manufacturers launch cars in various categories year round, a few hit the best selling mark while some just fail to perform. Most importantly, cars become hots when they satisfy the customers need for efficiency, performance and definitely the overall cosmetic look. Some of the cars that have been a success in 2016 are:

Subcompact category: Honda Fit
The Honda Fit priced at around $20,000, is a compact car that fits the needs of individuals and small families. The car has an estimated 33 mpg in terms of fuel efficiency and was marked for its room space despite being a subcompact car.

Compact category: Subaru Impreza
The car is a complete stunner in terms of size and overall comfort factors. The most notable features of this Subaru model was the great interior space, integration of safety technology, intuitive controls. It was also a winner of the crash test results in this class, with an effective fuel efficiency of around 26-27 mpg overall.

Mid-sized category: Toyota Camry
Although Toyota had dominated this category with its performance oriented vehicles with simple exteriors, the Camry has taken over with its looks and better performance than ever before. It is far from a plain car as the interiors are not just upscale, the technologically advanced infotainment system is updated with safety sensor for a more safe driving environment.

Small SUV category: Subaru Forester
The Subaru Forester is the best ever small SUV to have a fuel efficiency of 26 mpg overall. Packed with good visibility and road handling, the small SUV sure falls in the line of an always comfortable car for any kind of road or trip.

Luxury SUV category: Lexus RX
Lexus never lets its customers down, and it is true in this series of RX where its cosmetic facelift in terms of the frontal grille and the overall body design has stumped all buyers. This luxury car manufacturer has definitely brought in a winner through its RX series by providing a high-performance machine with a fuel efficiency of 22-29 mpg overall and provides road stability through the exemplary handling, aptly powered steering, and sharp brakes.

Large car category: Chevrolet Impala
The Chevrolet Impala beats popular elite luxury sedans with its outstanding design and exemplary performance. The car had instant responsive handling, with easy to use interfaces integrated with high-end safety sensors.

Some of the other cars that topped the 2016 charts are the Mazda MX-5 Miata in the sports cars category, Kia Sorento in the Midsize KUV category, Ford F-150 in the pickup truck category, and Toyota Sienna in the minivan category.

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