What is the effectiveness of farxiga invokana diabetes treatments?

Diabetes and pre-diabetes are two most pressing health problems in the world. According to the reports of the American Diabetes Association or ADA, a person who is diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 50 is at a risk of dying 6 years earlier than a person without diabetes. Also, the vast majority of people who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. Researchers have also emphasized that besides taking the right medication in the proper dosage, lifestyle changes such as exercising regularly, dietary changes, weight loss and healthy food choices must be followed for receiving desired outcomes.

Importance of medications in reducing the blood sugar levels
Besides making the needful changes, it is also important to take the new and improved drugs which can lead to the desired outcomes for patients. According to the reports of Lancelet Diabetes and Endocrinology, the huge majority of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes are living healthier lives due to administering of better medications. High blood sugar levels can also hike the risk of serious complications including impairment of kidney, vision loss, infections which are not easily treatable, peripheral nerve damage, heart ailments, and impotence.

Significant medications in the treatment of diabetes
In response to the spread of diabetes at a fast pace, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved new drugs for effective treatment of the epidemic. And this includes Farxiga Invokana diabetes treatments.

Invokana or canagliflozin is a new class of Type 2 diabetes drugs approved by the FDA in March 2013. It is a type of Sodium-glucose co-transporter 2-inhibitor, which prevents the re-absorption of glucose or blood sugar by the kidney. It also improves the glucose excretion through urine. This is an oral diabetes treatment which helps in improving blood sugar control when exercised in conjunction with diet and workout in patients with severe Type 2 diabetes. In clinical trials constituting Invokana, a steady improvement of hemoglobin A1C and fasting blood sugar levels has been found in over 10,000 patients. Like all other medicines, invokana may have some side effects which include vomiting, nausea, pain in the abdominal area, tiredness and breathing problems.

Back in January 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had approved Farxiga tablets for those who wished to improve their glycemic control alongside dieting and workout, for adults suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The effectiveness of this particular medicine was shown in 16 clinical tests which involved 9,400 patients. This drug can be administered alone or with other medicines meant for reducing the levels of Type 2 diabetes. But this medicine also has some possible side effects, most common of which is urinary tract infections, genital yeast infections along with changes in the frequency of urination.

These farxiga invokana diabetes treatments are presently considered as cutting-edge advancement in the management of diabetes. And your doctor might prescribe these for an effective cure as per your condition.

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