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What makes Microsoft Office 2010 so popular

The ever increasing sales of Microsoft Office 2010 clearly suggest that it offers a lot of benefits for the users. This new version contains a lot of features that cannot be found in the earlier versions.

Same system requirements: You just need the same system requirements for Office 2010 like the office 2007. Any operating system including Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP SP3 can run Office 2010.

Equipped with a new print menu: The new print menu is extremely impressive and it comprises of one or two sided printing that is immediately accessible and the page orientation is also a remarkable feature. Windows print dialog PDF output does not need a special download. An open source ‘Open Document Format’ can be associated with the suite as one of its default formats.

SharePoint Server 2010: You can see major changes in the new version after the SharePoint Server 2010 update. Microsoft Office 2010 is loaded with features that allow SharePoint users manage and edit the files of each other using a SharePoint server internal connection. It can also be done remotely using a smartphone or web browser.

The primary intention of Microsoft is to motivate people to choose the company’s collaboration tools in place of seeking help of Google tools or other cloud services. The look of this product is technically impressive and they have managed to convince corporations to choose their high-priced proprietary offering.

Available in Both 32 and 64 –bit: Another remarkable feature of Microsoft Office 2010 is that it is the first version of the suite that is available in 64-bit and 32- bit versions. It has motivated several people purchasing this new version from Microsoft.

Screen capture tool: In addition to these innovative features, you can also find a few more additions in Microsoft Office 2010. There is a screen capture tool available in this version and it allows you to choose a portion of the existing screen that can be inserted into the document located at your cursor.

Dialog box launchers and tooltips: Two small buttons can be linked with Dialog box launchers. They are pretty similar to arrows and these buttons can be seen at the bottom right of certain groups. When you click the button, the most suitable dialog box is opened. A tooltip pops up while hovering over the ribbon buttons and it explains what the command connected to the button.

Other remarkable additions: One part of the picture you are planning to preserve can be isolated with the help of a background-remover and everything behind it can be blanked out with relative ease. When background is removed from the image, tight text wrapping option can be applied to the picture to keep the remaining image is closely wrapped by your text. There are links from the Review Tabs in the Word to linked notes in OneNote 2010. These types of Integration tools are the special features of Microsoft Office 2010. You can easily access collaboration and document sharing functionality through SharePoint.

There is no need to request for a print review In Microsoft Office 2010 because it is being displayed automatically in the backstage view of the Print section. First of all, you need to click on the File tab and then, the backstage view needs to be chosen. The next step is to click on the Print and press Ctrl + P alternatively. Then print review panel displays the Print section. There are many more special features and functionalities in Office 2010 and all these aspects motivate people to purchase it with great enthusiasm. These benefits play a very vital role in making this product immensely popular.

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